Letter to the Editor

Good Samaritan thanked

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear editor:

This letter goes out to the GREAT people of Elmore County.

While on vacation over the 4th of July weekend, my fiance dropped some important papers out of his wallet, including his son's social security card, his blue cards for his handguns, his insurance card, etc., while either in Glenns Ferry or in Mountain Home.

Some kind soul found the papers and dropped the cards off to the police department. Another great person at the police department mailed us the cards via certified mail to make sure we got them. Such kindness!

We greatly appreciate whomever it was that went out of their way to help some out-of-state strangers. There are still AWESOME people in this world. Thanks again.

John Reed and Charlene Neeld, Las Vegas, Nev.