2012 Mountain Home Mud Racing Series

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

White Knuckle Racing in conjunction with Wild West Off Roaders will be hosting this year's "2012 Mountain Home Mud Racing Series". The fun takes place at the City of Mountain Home's Optimist Park Mud Track in Mountain Home, Idaho throughout the summer.

Kicking off our 2012 mud racing season will be a "Test & Tune" day on 20 May 2012. The time of the event is 10am to 4pm, cost of $20.00 per rig. Come on out to do that last minute fix, adjustment, and make some passes through the mud. There is no limit to passes through the mud. This is the perfect time to give mud racing a whirl for those who think they can but are unsure for whatever reason. In addition to the test and tune this year we are bringing a "Swap Meet/Yard Sale". Space at Optimist Park will be free, so bring out your items to trade/sell/barter with. It does not need to be vehicle related so bring whatever you would like to sell.

Mountain Home will be having four mud races during our summer 2012 season. They will be held on 30 June 2012, 21 July 2012, 18 August 2012, and 8 Sept 2012. With Mountain Home having their own series this year there will be a few changes that you will notice. There will be a payout for each race as in years past but this year; 2012 race season; there will be a final pot for racers to attempt to win. Every vehicle that races at each individual race will receive points for their race class depending on where they place for that evening's race. Those points will be totaled throughout the series. A racer with their vehicle must be present and have raced at 3 out of the 4 races to qualify for the point series and to be eligible to win the final pot.

Another change this year will be a charge of $5.00 for each mud race driver and their race passenger at the gate when you first come in. The driver and passenger will be given a token of some sort that will be given to the registration booth at the time of final registration for the night. This money will go back to the racing community by being added to the final payout pot. If you come through the gate, not paying to be driver or riding passenger (must have a signed registration) then you will be required to pay gate entry cost to be a spectator.

We will be having the following mud classes this year: Stock, Super Stock, Pro Stock, Powder Puff, Pro Mod, Mud Mod, Monster Truck, and the new class of Daily Driver. Each class must have a minimum of 4 rigs entered into class to run for the night. There will be run-offs at every race this year as well. We use the Mountain Home Mud racing rules. Get your rig inspected at the test and tune to know what class you will fall into.

The 2012 Mountain Home Mud Racing Series is seeking donations from local businesses to help make the winnings a bit sweeter for the competitors in the overall series. These monetary donations will be used for the final over all winnings of the series. In return for your donations, we will announce your business sponsorship for this series at every mud race. There will be an area for the sponsor to set up a vendor's booth for sales, recruiting, etc if you would like. If you wish to make flyers, business cards, and sticker or any other items we will make sure to have them available to spectators and racers. You can contact us via email at wildwestoffroaders@gmail.com or contact any of the members at the races if you are interested.

White Knuckle Racing and Wild West Off Roaders would like to "Thank You" for your support for our 2012 Mountain Home Mud Racing Series.

We invite you and your families to come out for some fun with us, get muddy, and support your local racing community.