Saturday, February 25, 2012
A small mule deer we took this year

Mountain Home residents,

I've been stationed here since 2008 and have always been an avid outdoorsmen. I've recently in the past year or so started a little hunting group called DSO BOYS. We have since then became addicted to coyote hunting, due to it being open all year. I'm here today asking if there is anybody out there with land, farm, etc. and who has a coyote problem and would like us to come and help control the predator population on your land. Everything is done humanly and we leave it better than when we found it. I feel with the plethora of cattle farms around here it would benefit the farmers to have some coyotes taken out, due to the cattle calving this time of year I know the coyotes like to eat the after-birth along with the new-born calves. So, if you would like to grant us permission to hunt your land please get a hold of me and we an arrange an agreement on the deal. We don't need money, or anything. all we look for is permission to let us do what we enjoy and in-turn helping you.

Thank you