Swimmers wrap up season

Friday, August 26, 2011
Members of the Mountain Home Swim team included Keara Connolly, Evan Peters, Noah Lichdi, Tyler McCray, Ansley Pittard, Aaron Peters, Kylie Trueba, Traci Galbraith, Antonio Rodriguez, Hannah Brown, Keelin Connolly, Kelsey Jensen, Anna Cook, Bryan Peters, Kyle McCray, Kate Connolly, Kaleb Stevens, Chloe Chavez, Natalie Logue, Patricia Trueba, Hailey Link, Peyton Perry, Jakob Lichdi, Nicholas Campbell, Christa Lewis, Ashley Jensen, Alyssa Brennan, Ross Archer, Joseph Garrett, Cole Garrett, Kristen Cook, Sable Lohmeier, Emily Gillies, Kathryn Lohmeier, Colt Lohmeier, Taylor Ogaard, Nathan Gibbons, Madison McCloud, Lily Wakefield, Shayenne Coates, Jennica Lockett, Skyler Knudson, Adisson Perry, Erika Cook, D.J. Johnson, Rachel Johnson and coaches Jessica Lewis, Mae Jeffery, Jen Pittard and Tracey Berry.

The Mountain Home Swim Team more than doubled its number this year, from 22 to 47 swimmers, and competed in six meets during the summer.

"The team competed in the Four Rivers Swim League, which spans from Mountain Home to Ontario, Ore., and did awesome," said Coach Jen Pittard. "We swim against the Caldwell Y, The West Y Rec. team and the Emmett City team to name a few."

She noted that many of the swimmers were new to the swim team experience.

"It was amazing, many of the swimmers were brand new to the sport. They dedicated themselves to getting more fit and learning new strokes. They were up and at the pool at 9 a.m. four times a week. They worked hard and it paid off.

"Several times this year I was asked by other parents and coaches where I found such great swimmers. Really, I didn't find them, they swam hard all summer and found themselves."

Assisting her were coaches Mae Jeffery, Tracey Berry and Jessica Lewis.

"Our coaches are dedicated to providing a positive swimming environment and to improving swim skills and endurance. They believe in this team and the swimmers on it.

The championship meet "was an awesome cap" on the season, she said. Swimmers place 1-6 in individual events and 1-6 in relay events.

"We took 42 swimmers and had 14 in sixth place, eight in fifth place, nine in fourth place, six in third place, 12 in second place and eight first-place winners in individual events. In relay events we had two in fifth place, three in fourth place, one in third place and four in second place. A great accomplishment for such a new team."

But, she noted, "success is not only measured by winning and placing though. Many swimmers decreased times in their events by 30 seconds or more. That is huge."

Madison McCloud said her best memory of the year was "when I dropped seven seconds off my breaststroke."

Pittard noted that "some swimmers began their fall sports in junior high and high school to find they were in top condition because of swimming all summer."

Taylor Ogaard said it helped her stay in shape "because I do a lot of other sports. It's fun being around friends in the summer."

For Kate Connolly, it was a chance to compete. "It is cool to feel something like winning a heat and moving up a level."

Pittard said that the team succeeded "because of the swimmer's dedication, the support from the families involved and because of the great community we live in. Swim team is a family and community experience. We're grateful to the community for support we received.

"Parks and recreation was extremely supportive and welcomed this new program to the city pool. Many thanks to Stan Franks, Crystal Anderson, Trish Henderson and the entire Parks and Recreation and city pool staff."

Bud Corbus and his staff at B & C Welding built diving blocks for the pool -- especially for the swim team -- and made it possible for the swimmers to practice correct diving starts.

"The Mountain Home Swim Team looks forward to growing with the community and building a solid, long lasting legacy in Mountain Home," Pittard said.

For more information about future swim events, contact the team via e-mail at mountainhomeswimteam@gmail.com.

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