Letter to the Editor

Business proves city's honesty

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear editor:

Some of the family was taking a trip to the Oregon Coast, staying one night with our daughter and son-in-law in Mountain Home. My grandson was driving, and upon reaching my son-in-law and daughter's place, he called and said there was a "bad noise" in the front driver side wheel area.

I drove to Mountain Home and we switched vehicles so they could continue their trip from Utah.

My son in law and myself took the noisy vehicle to Commercial Tire (I was expecting the worst or very bad vehicle news).

We told Aaron Hall of the situation. He immediately put the car on a hoist, pulled the front wheel (after hearing the noise) and guess what? A small rock was wedged between the rotor and brake shoe.

What a relief. There I was, expecting all kinds of expenses, time involved and part(s) availability. (Instead, it was) a small rock, which Mr. Hall just poked out with a screwdriver.

Now, Mr.. Hall could of given me a story and charged me a lot of money. (Instead) he wouldn't even let me pay him for his time and use of his facility.

It's glad to know there are honest people still in our old world. Thank you again, Aaron Hall from Commercial Tire. You are a good, honest man.

I felt Mountain Home people should be aware of this honest businessman in their town.

-- Jarvis B. Facer, Willard, Utah