Cecilia Inez Garcia

Friday, July 2, 2010
Cecilia Garcia

Cecilia Inez Garcia was born in Los Angeles, California on December 26, 1971.

The second of four daughters to David R. Garcia and Maria Cecilia Ybarra-Garcia.

Ceci was a quiet, scholastic young woman who loved school and achieved great heights in the honors society throughout most of her middle school and high school years.

Much to the surprise of her family she then decided to join the United States Army after high school. Once her decision was made she worked hard to mentally and physically prepare herself for the challenge; as always she succeeded. Ceci spent 8 years in the United States Army serving on various bases, including a tour in Korea.

When she was 27 she became a single military mother to Anthony Addison. When Anthony turned 3 she decided the best thing for her son was to leave the ranks of the Army to join the ranks of a full time mother solely devoted to her son.

In 2004 Ceci faced a diagnosis of ovarian cancer with the strength of a true soldier. She lived the next five and a half years doing what she wanted when she wanted. She no longer walked through life as the quiet young woman she once was, she marched through it with strength and resilience that awed all those that knew her and had recently met her.

She will be truly and sorely missed by her sisters Angelina Winslett, Gricelda O'Connell, Davi Garcia and Priscilla Rosales; her brother Andrew O'Connell and all her nieces and nephews Alex Titilah, Kilo Garcia, Victoria Winslett, Chico Garcia and David Lopez.

Her son, Anthony Addison, will hold her memory true in his being each and every day as he carries her in his heart and soul, loving what she was and what she has become. Not to forget all her extended family, comrades that served alongside her, and all her friends. Her presence enlightened and her strength inspired, that will never change for any of us.