Letter to the Editor

Precinct reps deserve votes

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear editor:

There are two extremely important positions that we should be aware of as we vote in this May 25 primary election, Republican precinct committee person. The two present precinct people are Jace Prow and John Barrutia. They are very active, effective, and hard working people and deserve your consideration.

As does Wes Wootan for Elmore County Commissioner to replace Larry Rose. The present commissioners appear to have forgotten they were elected to represent their constituents and our desires regarding lifestyle, land use, and our scant water resources, not to approve projects by moneyed people from out of our area who have no respect for our rural values and traditional lifestyle.

We urge everyone to vote against incumbent commissioners! Therefore, we will have fair, honest, and open representation.

Charles A. Cairns

Maryilyn A. Bledsoe