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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Troubled Parent

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I am really shocked by how people, just from over hearing people talking, about how bad of an idea the school levy is. It is being compared to the building of the new (Jr) High School. There is nothing to compare to, this will be helping our kids with thir education. Yes I have (had) kids in school, 2 have already graduated and I have one more graduating this month. Me, I am a graduate of MHHS myself and I remember what how the classes were then and how my kids, when we moved back here, were bored with the classes, because they did not offer a challenge to them. The majority of the people I observed appeared to be older than myself and more then likely did not have kids in school, their biggest concern was their property taxes going up. These are the same people who also complain because teenage kids are out of control, causing trouble, and mayham around town. Let's give them a chance and try to help improve their education and try to put them on the straight and narrow. This is the next generation of kids that are growing up around here, let's give them a chance. Please vote yes for the levy.

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Rufus Pollard