Letter to the Editor

Rec District elections show voters back Marsh's vision

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear editor:

It has been said, "Be careful what you say to someone who buys their ink by the barrel." That said, I would still like to take issue with an editorial written several weeks ago concerning the WECRD.

Point 1. You, Mr. Editor said, "The WECRD is split over what the future should be." PLEASE, refer to their last meeting. When the reasoning behind the original HUD application was explained, the WECRD Board voted unanimously to comply with action that the CLDC wanted in reference to the HUD application to amend the application Lying is a pretty strong word to use when all the facts weren't in. The WECRD Board is in agreement that whatever recommendation for the future, the Treasure Valley YMCA (via CLDC) makes; they will go along with. That is the WERCD'S future and that is in writing. Why question it?

Point 2. And why question Molly Marsh's reaction to "if an indoor pool is not recommended?" Yes, Molly has always stuck to what the majority of the people wanted. Yes, the first surveys, meetings, etc., are 10 years old, however, Molly just ran for re-election standing on the promise to fulfill the original plans (a structure including an indoor pool). The indoor pool was always the top priority on peoples surveys; not just "Molly's Dream." And remember, she won the latest election.

Point 3. How does the editor know that an indoor pool probably won't be recommended? I thought that is what the current survey being conducted by the CLDC is to determine. The people on that CLDC Committee are supposed to be unbiased. Hopefully, the city fathers and the newspaper could be until the majority of the people have spoken.

Point 4. "Marsh has blinders on." Molly has always, with rest of the board, stuck with the original plan for a Community Recreation Center because that is what the majority of the people wanted and voted for. The WERCD Board didn't want to start phases or other ventures, etc., as they didn't want the misunderstanding the school has gone through with their building project.

Point 5. Molly Marsh is also a person of integrity and honesty and very community minded (aka Slide into the Future Project). She stepped down as WECRD chairman and was in favor of involving the YMCA, although from the very beginning, the board and committee has consulted with YMCA. She could see this community was becoming more and more fragmented and needed the expertise of the YMCA. Lesser people would have quit the whole WECRD scene long ago. She has been personally attacked and even though I believe there can and should be two sides to an issue; I am discouraged at the extent and nature of the opposition and the personal vindictiveness used in a public arena.

Point 6. Did you actually hear Marsha Sellers say "she felt stabbed in the back, etc.," or was that hearsay? Why make a situation worse with rumors and secondhand talk?

Point 7. I know this is getting long, but the original plan for a Recreation Center and it's operation, was based on two communities about the same size as Mountain Home and who had successfully been going for five years. The third rec center studied was in a town half our size and now a third Mountain Home's size and they have been enjoying a multi-purpose facility (including an indoor pool) for 20 years. Last year (during the economic down-turn) this same little town built a $3 million city hall and are working on projects that utilize what they have, including re-vitalizing their down-town. Have you noticed that many of the same people are also opposed to any changes or new ventures for our community? Where is our community pride and togetherness?

I ask myself and others, what is good for the whole community in the long run?

I, too will support whatever is decided by the CLDC/YMCA.

However, and hopefully, we can get together for what is the best for the future of our community.

Laurice Bentz