Letter to the Editor

WECRD is moving forward

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear editor:

I am writing about your recent editorial in the Mountain Home News regarding the WECRD.

The words attributed to me may have been accurate, but the quote alone has painted an inaccurate picture of how I actually feel about the progress and accomplishments made by the WECRD Board.

Mollie Marsh has been the cornerstone for not only the Blue Ribbon Committee and its efforts for supplying local children with wonderful playground equipment in our City Parks but a crusader for the formation of the tax based recreational district in 2000. She won the popular vote in a political race for her seat on the board and has bravely faced the uphill battle of our continuing dream for a recreational center for all age groups in the Mountain Home area.

Mollie Marsh has a dream and has selflessly dedicated her life to this project.

Mark Hiddleston and Alan Bermensolo accurately reported our project is too big and too complex for the WECRD Board and agreed to volunteer their time and business sense to the CDLC as Co-Chairmen.

The WECRD Board decision to involve the combined efforts of the YMCA experts and the CDLC committees to follow a well designed process for citizens to meet and decide our future is truly the American way! We are all anxiously waiting for the results of the recent survey.

Our job is to ALL come together and make it happen. My job is to help maintain and refine the dream by connecting with the area leaders.

At our last meeting, the WECRD Board decided to amend the 2011 Federal Appropriation Application to include the results of the CDLC survey and other information as it is passed down to us at the town meeting planned in April.

We felt that continuing to submit these applications was in the best interest of the community to help fund construction costs for our center. It was also pointed out that should the YMCA/CDLC membership decide that a building was not a viable plan that all Federal funds would be returned as outlined by law.

I will always remember the senior citizen, who stood to speak at one of the town hall meetings and said, "Why can't all you different government people combine... and get along .....and get something done?"

Yes ma'am, I agree with you and your advice has become my personal goal and motto as president of the WECRD.

Marsha Sellers