Letter to the Editor

Doctor flap costing hospital

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear editor:

I have read the letters submitted to you concerning Trinity Mountain's decision not to renew the contracts of Dr. Scott Baldridge and Dr. Allen Jeffery.

After reading all the inputs it is clear that none of us really know why they, Trinity Mountain or Elmore Medical Center, made the decision not to renew the contracts of these two professional medical people.

If it is for cost cutting reasons, one could understand the rationale for the action. Although it does look somewhat fishy when the two doctors in question are both D.O.s and it appears they will be spending monies to find replacement doctors.

If they are being denied contract renewal because of medical incompetency or malpractice then I could understand this rationale also. But as a patient of Dr. Baldridge I know these two areas have no bearing on the decision and are in fact a bunch of bull!

So, if cost reduction is not an issue and professional competence is not an issue then I must conclude, along with everyone else in Mountain Home that these two fine doctors are being denied contracts because of petty personality conflicts with some of the immature people in positions to influence this decision.

Just some food for thought, no one at the Elmore Medical Center claims any responsibility in the decision not to offer Dr. Baldridge or Dr. Jeffery a new contract. I find that odd since most of the people on the Trinity medical staff are also part of the Administrative team of the EMC.

Hopefully someone from the EMC Board of Trustees will investigate this unfortunate situation and take the appropriate course of action to correct it. Especially in light of the numbers of people in Mountain Home who are affected by this decision.

If by chance this wrong is not righted, then I shall do what the other patients will be doing, and that is to follow Scott to his new practice area. Additionally, I will have to re-examine my support for any future EMC bond issues.

Aaron Dicello