Harry Moore

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Harry Moore

Harry Moore, 89, of Mountain Home, passed away on Feb. 1, 2010, at a local care center.

It is with a heavy heart the family bids him a fond farewell.

At his request, there will be no services. Cremation was under the direction of Rost Funeral Home, McMurtrey Chapel.

Harry C. was born May 9, 1920, near Hays Center, Neb., to Anna Moore. He joined three brothers Ille, Vern and Don. His father and sister died in February of that year due to a flu epidemic that swept the area.

Harry and his brothers learned from an early age how to do chores and earned money to help out their mother and the family. The family lived with other family members or from one boarding house to another and moved from Nebraska to Kansas numerous times. At the age of 5, Harryıs family suffered the loss of oldest son Ille, due to Model T car accident. The last move with his mother was in May of 1936 and that brought the family to Parma, Idaho.

Harry lived and worked in and around Roswell and Parma while earning his high school education. During his adventures around the area, he met the love of his life, Maxine Hensley, whose family owned a farm outside Notas, Idaho.

The next adventure of Harryıs life started after World War II was under way. Harry signed up for duty in the Army Air Corps. What an adventure the war was for him. He got to fix and fly airplanes and go to far away destinations.

In Kansas, during a flight training camp, on June 19, 1943, Harry and Maxine exchanged wedding vows.

After the war, Harry and Maxine started a new adventure. Harry was stationed in Denver where their daughter, Pamela, was born, then off to Tacoma, Wash., then to Washington, D.C., where their son, Rick, was born. Harry was stationed out of the Pentagon and got to rub elbows with elites like senators and presidents. For him they were just ordinary people and no big deal. During his time in Washington, Harry went TDY often and the stories heıd tell were something from a science fiction novel.

From Washington, D.C., it was off to Panama where he flew balloons, gathering information. Then to Florida and finally to Mountain Home.

After retiring from the Air Force his next adventure was lurking around the corner. Harry decided to become a teacher. He got his degree from Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison. He returned to Mountain Home to teach math and social studies at the then Base Junior High. More education from Pocatello was to follow and then he was rewarded the principal position at West Elementary. He truly loved that environment, the children and his staff. It was a great ride for him, with much respect and admiration for all.

In August of 1983, Harry decided to retire from his beloved school to take on traveling, the next adventure. The couple took off for the unknown.

They had decided to make sure that they had been in every state in the union. What fun they had in those wonderful years.

The last few years of his life was being readily available to his family. Harry truly loved the ³little people² in his life. He enjoyed time with each and every one of them. He always stayed loving and loyal to his precious wife and best friend. He was quite pleased and would boast with the fact that in all the years of marriage (66 plus) that the two of them had never had an argument. He enjoyed playing golf with his "golf buddies" and was still playing the game in August of '09.

He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and serviced them well for 60 years.

He was also a member of The First congregational Church.

Harry is survived by his wife, Maxine, his daughter, Pam Lathrop, his grandchildren, LeeAnna Lathrop, John C. Lathrop and his wife, Gayla, Darrin Moore and Gina Rupe and her husband, Shane. He leaves great grandchildren

Jared Lathrop, Bryan, Molly and Grace Moore, Rikki Moore and John E. Lathrop.

Harry will meet up with parents, brothers, son Ricky and son-in-law John. Gods speed Daddy ­ say hi to the boys for me.