Enough is enough

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maybe we're just getting a little tired of the "dictatorship of the do-gooders," but the proposal to ban texting while you're driving seems to fall in that category.

Sure, texting while you're driving is a really, really bad idea. And it clearly is distracting.

But then, so is putting on make-up while you're driving, reading a book or newspaper, yelling at the conservative or liberal talk show host you're listening to on the radio, that attractive person walking by on the street, the bee that flew in your open window, billboards, talking on your cell phone (with or without hand-held devices), anyone in the car talking to you, and trying to control the kids in the back seat.

The point is, a lot of things can distract you while you're driving. Any distraction is bad. But why single out texting? Shouldn't we follow the same logic and outlaw all the distractions listed above?

Ironically, one state and one Treasure Valley local government entity use cell-phone Twitter alerts to drivers to warn them of traffic hazards. So the message is a little conflicting.

It's just one more example of laws that get made simply because someone doesn't like something. So the do-gooders insist it has to be turned into some kind of prohibitive law? Whatever happened to "that government is best which governs least?" Remember, if this passes, it will be because the GOP legislature, which supposedly is against big government, thinks this is an appropriate extension of government.

Not everything needs to turn into a prohibitive law. In this case, simple common sense should be enough. Or are we now going to legislate common sense?

Texting while driving is a really bad idea. Don't do it. If you're in an accident, it should contribute to the penalties you face for causing it.

But don't we have enough do-gooder laws already?

Just be smart and pay attention while driving.

-- Kelly Everitt