Serenity Miller

Monday, September 21, 2009
Serenity Miller

Serenity Grace Ann Miller was born the morning of Nov. 9, 2007, and went home to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at 3:16 on the afternoon of Sept. 17, 2009. She made the translation resting peacefully, the same way she entered and lived her life, in the loving arms of her mommy and daddy, surrounded by three generations of family: great-grandparents, grandparents, and aunties, Kara and Sarah Christiansen, and uncles Joseph Miller and Tyler and Eric Christiansen.

Although the day she was born and the day she passed are a small part of her story; it is what she did with each breath and heart beat that is significant.

Serenity had 679 days of life that she made into something indescribably beautiful. She was love personified, happiness and infectious joy that made the ordinary days incredible and even the darkest, most painful moments bearable. She was courage and bravery as her little body battled Leukemia.

Services were held on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009, with a viewing from noon until 2 p.m. and funeral services at 3 p.m. at Rost Funeral Home, McMurtrey Chapel. A burial followed at Mountain View Cemetery.

It is impossible for language to communicate how Serenity, someone so small, could conquer our hearts. There seemed to be an instantaneous, internal connection that occurred in her presence. She exuded such unconditional love that one could not help but fall helplessly in love with her. So she conquered us (family, friends, and strangers) one heart at a time and wrapped us around her chubby little finger. Even the nurses and doctors that cared for her felt that love.

One day in response to Serenity's need for a fresh blanket, the nurse brought one in and said, "I chose this one with all the hearts because I just love this little girl." It didn't matter if the staff was caring for Serenity or just in the general vicinity, they'd go out of their way to pass her door for the opportunity to say hi to her or wave at her or play peek-a-boo with her.

She shared her love by blowing us kisses and as her hand would leave her mouth; her lips would curl up into that precious smile that melted our hearts. I realize now that what we felt for her was our hearts responding to her giant love.

She was a happy and silly girl. Her favorite moment in each day was snuggle time. When she first opened her eyes in the morning, mommy would pick her up and in the stillness of the moment, heart beat against heart; they would just sit or lay and quietly hold each other until the inevitable moment that Serenity was ready to play.

She loved when her mommy would read her books. She enjoyed blowing bubbles, so mommy kept her a well-stocked stash. Our MooMoo made us laugh with her silliness.

Her little heart had a passion for music which she wanted playing all the time. It was so much fun to watch her dance, clearly enjoying and responding appropriately to whatever genre was being played.

Making the best of her circumstances, she made a toy out of her oxygen tube. Her little finger fit perfectly into the hole and when inserted just right, it'd make the funniest high-pitched squeal that set us all to laughing.

She loved to be pretty with sunglasses, hat, tiny pink shoes, and lipstick with Elmo and purse (complete with the necessary cell phone) in tow.

Whether she was having a good day or struggling, she always had a smile for others.

Our Little Beetle Bee is survived by her parents Soren and Anna Miller, brother Maximus Miller, great-grandparents Chris and Jerry Christiansen and Evanna Hamilton, grandparents, Linda Miller and Scott and Patricia Christiansen, with too many aunties and uncles and cousins to name.

Serenity's fight was long, and her loved ones wish to thank countless people that helped make it possible for Anna to be next to her daughter for that battle. Thank you family, friends, and even strangers for your incredibly generous financial help and countless prayers. Your support was invaluable; again words fail.

We also wish to thank the staff of Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake for their loving care of our precious baby. We are proud of Serenity who fought so hard to remain here with us, and we let her go wishing love would have been enough to keep her here.

To honor Serenity's life, donations may be sent to one of the following in her name to the following:

Ronald McDonald

House Donation Processing Center

PO Box 131447

Houston, TX 77219-1447


935 East South Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84102