Letter to the Editor

Give golf course pro a chance

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear editor:

Where are we in regard to one of our venues in our city?

Over great debate, it was decided to expand the golf course from nine to eighteen holes. As an avid golfer, I was pleased that the expansion took place. The result has been a vast improvement and a unique layout.

To insure this investment was maintained in pristine condition, an excellent greens keeper was hired. Brian Rogers has proven his worth. We have a course in great shape and a pleasure to play.

However, the problem of financial stability for this investment remained.

The decision to hire a golf professional was made. Seems like that should be a good decision, being that such an individual is more versed in promotion, financial management, etc. But to this date, the course can't seem to retain a professional for any length of time.

We now have a man in place with twenty seven plus years experience in this field. He was hired to utilize his talents and qualifications to insure an efficient operation of the course. He is a professional with the knowledge and training to do just that.

My question is this. Is he being utilized to do what he was hired to do, or is he simply a puppet of another entity? Is he being allowed to implement his proven practices to not only maintain, but improve this facility? Is there an attitude and belief of this extra entity that they are more qualified to recognize what policies need to be implemented to achieve the desired goals? Who is more qualified?

Do we retain a proven professional or continue with an attitude that has let to nowhere?

He was hired to do a job. In my opinion, he is doing just fine. There is always room for improvement. "Rome wasn't built in a day." Let's give him a chance.

Woody Wudyka