Letter to the Editor

Use more solar, wind power

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear editor:

I am a student at Hacker Middle School and I would like to voice my opinion on going green. We should be trying to conserve fossil fuels for future generations.

I think that we should be using solar energy or wind to power our school. This would be more beneficial than some of the other alternatives. Both of these methods cost a lot in the beginning, but once you have the equipment, the sun and wind are free. If we could get grants from the government, donations from large businesses and possibly fundraisers, we might be able to purchase a few.

Schools should have solar panels so that they reduce the need for fossil fuels. Also, the energy that is not used can either be stored for later use or sold back to the electric company. The money gained by saving energy can be used to better the education for the students.

Kayla Maack