Letter to the Editor

City parks crew do good job

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear editor:

Stan Franks and his staff have done a wonderful job with the parks in Mountain Home, especially Legacy Park, which years ago was an eyesore and an "attractive nuisance."

Small problems remain at Legacy with dog waste and litter, which might be remedied with better signage.

An issue of attractive nuisance lingers at Legacy with the unfinished access road parking lot parallel to North Haskett. This continues to be used by some people as an impromptu drag strip after school hours and after dark. Besides creating a rocky mess on the adjacent sidewalk and street, the commotion is frightening to the seniors who live nearby.

Is it too much to ask the city to install speed bumps to stop the after school/after dark Legacy Park drag races?

Ginger de la Motte