Letter to the Editor

Reader willing to support McCain thanks to Palin

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear editor:

This one isn't especially easy to write, because I'm gonna catch a lot of flak, but that's OK because it's for a good cause.

I've been strongly opposed to John McCain, and still am. And I've been very public about it.

Even though the media has effectively buried the BEST candidate we had, I had still intended to write-in Ron Paul no matter WHO it took away a vote from. I'm that infuriated about this fiasco, but Rush, Sean, Jack and others, I am now going to SUPPORT your ticket.

As a kid, I used to be a Yankees fan, and if they were trailing somebody by a run or two late in the ninth, game reaching a critical stage, no matter WHO was at bat, it was always reassuring to see somebody like Yogi Berra waiting in the on-deck circle, because you knew if he got a chance to swing the bat, that tenacious little tough guy was going to deliver.

John McCain, besides being a RINO and a liberal, is also 72. The job be seeks has publicly aged the last three people who have held it. Although admittedly better than Obama, he still looks a little shaky at the plate, in my opinion.

But batting next, in the on deck circle, should it be required, is a lady who is probably every bit as tough as Yogi was, and unlike our "war hero," she actually IS a Republican.

Given the political company he usually keeps, I'm actually surprised John picked somebody this good. The media and the Democrats have attacked her lack of experience, (as if Obama were some sort of seasoned veteran), but the fact is, Sarah Palin is the only one on EITHER ticket with any executive experience. Governors run entire states and have to catch the full wrath of the people if they make any bad decisions. Senators only run their mouths, and can hide in Congreas whenever THEY sign off on something bad.

Her ticket opponent, Joe Biden. 35 years in D.C. Career politician, one of the "elite" and part of the problem. Sarah Palin is NOT part of the system, which for me, is a PLUS. She's a tough little cookie who, judging from her record as a mayor and governor, doesn't seem to take any guff from anybody. If she and McCain get elected, the first time some overpaid pompous dweeb in the Congress puts his nose up against Sarah's, he's likely to get it punched!

I like this gal. I really do. There hasn't been any fire or guts in the White House since the "Gipper" was there, and we're exactly 20 years overdue. Oh, sure, McCain would still make the main decisions, as every president does, relegating the lesser stuff to his VP, but this little "soccer mom" fireball would REALLY be well versed around Washington by the end of the first term, or even before that, if need be.

Jack Streeter, my old political sparring partner, will probably be itching to put a McCain/Palin bumper sticker in my hands when they become available, and I won't disappoint you, Jack. I'll put one on my car. I really will, but only the PALIN portion of it.

Finally, a personal plea to my fellow Ron Paul supporters.

Guys and gals, we KNEW it was going to happen. We knew the media, working with the powers that be, were never going to give Ron any sort of equal coverage. The liberals don't want their bueaucratic boat of corruption rocked, so nobody DECENT is ever going to get a fair shake in the public eye.

Nobody wants Ron Paul as President more than I do, and that's a fact. Ii'm asking each and every one of you Paul supporters to vote PALIN. Yes, we can write-in Ron Paul and make a "statement" but if it helps give Obama the White House, what have we gained, as opposed to all we will lose.

McCain is not much, but his new partner IS. She's a blue jeans outdoor mother of five who is anything BUT "business suit window dressing." In a plaid hunting jacket or an evening gown, I think she's the real deal, the "girl next door" if you will. She appears to have been making decisions based on common sense, rather than the polls.

If McCain gets sick from stress and has to vacate during his first term, we've got "Yogi" on deck. If he does the lousy job I think he will, Palin would be in an excellent position to jump up and challenge him for the 2012 nomination.

Obama would be even worse than McCain, and if something were to happen to HIM, well, would you really want Joe Biden to take over? Palin got more votes becoming a governor than Biden got running for president.

Ron Paul is the man we need. It's not going to happen. This election has been a complete farce, until a week or so ago. Please join me in at least putting someone DECENT in the '"on-deck circle."

Mike Bradbury