Letter to the Editor

Obama just talk

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear editor:

There seems to be a lot of controversy over the values on issues of Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

He says that he is fairly middle of the road on important issues. I am not going to give tit-for-tat here... it would take a book to do that. This man talks with very lofty rhetoric and does alter or change those opinions depending on who he is talking to. I have seen it throughout various quotes by him.

But that is not my own primary issue. He can SAY anything he wants and receive a following but my contention is with what he has already done. I ask you to look at his voting record carefully and decide if this man is who you want as our president.

I am staunchly pro-life and believe that this issue MUST come ahead of as well as with our economic problems. I believe emphatically that if we don't stop the wholesale murder of our unborn children then all the money in the world in our pockets will be for nothing and of no good to us.

This man's voting record though is not just about the unborn. It also touches what he has said he will do over money issues in our nation... harder taxation... doubling the capital gains tax... just to mention two.

It has been stated by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Activist League) that Obama has the most liberal voting record in the U.S.

He has vowed to them that the first act he will perform for the as president would be to sign the FOCA bill. FOCA is the Freedom of Choice Act. Sounds like a good thing by its name but this bill will wipe out EVERY single pro-life law nationwide... not able to be argued over again in the future as well as allocating our federal tax dollars to pay for it and it would extend to a world-wide effort.

Read his voting record and see for yourself what this man's values are... they are certainly not mine. I find that these acts continued into the next presidency would be a disaster. The record shows a kind of thinking that I find distasteful and scary to say the least.

He is the ONLY senator that has voted this hard in the direction that the record shows. Even Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy voted FOR the Partial-birth Abortion Ban AND the Born Alive Infant Bill. Partial-Birth Abortion is a procedure whereby a child is turned in the womb to be born body first.... just short of the head so that he is LEGALLY unborn and then the head is crushed to complete the abortion. The Born Alive Infant Bill is where a child that SURVIVES an abortion procedure and is still alive... the law would require that the child be given care to preserve its life.

Kathleen Hiler