Letter to the Editor

He still won't back McCain

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear editor:

I know a lot of people around town, or rather, a lot of people seem to know me. Since the primary, I've already been asked if I'm going to re-direct these writing talents I'm supposed to have to help promote a John McCain presidency "for the good of the party."

My answer is an acute, definitive NO, for the good of our COUNTRY.

"But I thought you were a Republican, Bradbury." I am, but McCain isn't. That statement doesn't set well with the Limbaugh/Hannity/O'Reilly crowd, and I don't care either way. Unlike many, I have NOT forgotten what the GOP USED to stand for, and will not endorse, support or publicly promote someone who is as liberal as his November opponent.

For those of you "Republicans" out there who have forgotten their values and roots, here is a brief quiz:

Would you vote to keep us in the "One World Order United Nations?"

Do you favor both amnesty and Social Security benefits for illegals?

Would you borrow 800 million from China to keep an undeclared war going? Would you deny 1st Amendment free speech (is: McCain/Feingold)? Would you close gunshows? Would you co-sponsor ANYTHING with Ted Kennedy? Knowing the truth about the IRS, would you allow it to exist? And most importantly, would you FOLLOW our Constitution, left hand on the Bible, right hand in the air? If you answered "yes" to any other question than the last one, you need to change affiliations and join the other side.

I didn't support Bush, and I'm not coming onboard for McCain. This gradual, steady "comprimise" has undermined what our founding fathers established for us, and is a major reason that we are where we are.

Mike Bradbury