Letter to the Editor

Beware of political party domination

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear editor:

The craziness and unpredictability of the times, along with social and political issues, and economy, compounded by world events, are making this troublesome times.

Like most Americans I have lost faith in both political parties, and resent the prevailing side show.

We are all victims of the prevailing circumstances caused by the greed, manipulation, bickering and dissensions of both parties, as well as special interest groups, compounded by many procedural and legal complexities that plaque our society.

While I recognize that much of this is probably the end result of agreements and efforts, especially those promoting Global Unification from the UN, EU, and other sources, thus seeing and recognizing some of the positive advancements to our society, I, like many others, can't help but question where this is all taking us, thus affecting our kids and grandkids to come.

Like many people I recognize that the "enemy" per say is disease, poverty, homelessness, violence, and natural disasters, and that much of the Global Unification concept is a joint effort of world leaders to keep us from annihilating each other.

However, despite the effort it is my opinion that many are forgetting that history has repeatedly proven that it doesn't work. The Egyptians, Romans, Hitler, and Communism have all proven that it can start out on the right foot, but will eventually fail, only after committing all forms of social injustice and loss of millions of lives, simply due to human behavior.

Pure capitalism is no different, it will equally fail at some point.

Totalitarianism of any form corrupts and was the basis in our society that prohibited any form of monopolization, yet we are evolving right back to it through business, socialism, and being politically correct.

While I agree that isolation is not in our current interest, I believe protectionism is. I tried to clarify this further in my book; "Your Security Guide." The book is intended to be a basic "How To" manual to educate people about the field and its methods in a variety of ways. The book addresses definitions, security surveys, terrorism, alarm systems, survival, and more, therefore targeting the average audience, for general concerns.

I agree with many of the talk show hosts and others, who are cautioning all of us as Americans to really look and evaluate the current political picture, thus protecting our culture and sovereignty.

We all have the right to our opinions and belong to whatever we wish, simply because we live in America.

There is no question that being a Republican is no longer a popular label, but yet the Democrats are forgetting that they could have easily been in control on 9/11, and have yet to explain how they would have handled the situation any differently. I believe that we are seeing a sudden transition to the Democratic Party, not only because of the discontentment with the war, but simply because many are fearful of being labeled as anything other than a Democrat.

I would like to elaborate more but can't due to space limitations, therefore, simply summarized, I believe it necessary to maintain a bi-partisan approach to the overall crisis. We must speak and stand united as Americans, defending Americanism, but not necessarily as either party. While many may believe they are doing that by promoting the Democratic Party, they are actually making the situation worse. It simply becomes a matter of perception, thus adding to the dissension, as well as sending wrong signals to any enemy.

America is based on responsible diversity and needs responsible positive diversity to continue, not one local or world order. Without the freedom of neither choice nor alternative thinking there is no America.

John Malaspina