Carole Hubbell, 62

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Carole Hubbell

Carole Hubbell, 62 of Ramstein AFB, Germany, formerly of Mountain Home, died Monday, May 14, 2007.

A memorial service was held at the Southside Chapel in Ramstein on May 21.

Carole was born on Dec.9, 1944, in Kansas. and later moved to Boise with her family. There she finished her formal education and met husband-to-be, Jerry Hubbell.

She and Jerry were married June 5, 1965. At the time of her death they had been married for 42 years.

After Jerry graduated from the university they moved to Salmon, Idaho, and two years later to Mountain Home, where they lived until 1987.

While in Mountain Home Carole worked at several jobs. First, with Intermountain Gas, then at North Elementary and finally for an insurance agency. She was also busy raising two children and playing hostess to all the many people who would drop in whenever. Very few evenings went by without company, her family noted.

In 1987, Jerry accepted a position with the DOD school system and Carole was off to spend the next 20 years in Europe. Berlin was the original assignment, where she worked at Berlin Elementary. "It was there that her interest in economics grew," her family said. "She tried single handedly to improve the GNP of all European third world countries by becoming one of the worlds best shoppers. No store was left unentered."

After seven years Carole and Jerry moved to Ramstein, Germany. She became the Administrative Assistant at Ramstein High School. It was from there that they were coming back to the states this summer, this time to stay.

Carole loved Europe. Aside from shopping she was able to continue with her passion for skiing and she learned to play golf. She and Jerry traveled extensively, enjoying it all but, they also remembered family and spent much time in the states.

Carole died after three weeks in a coma caused by meningitis.

Carole is survived by: her husband, Gerald Hubbell; her daughter, Amy, and her husband, Greg, her son, Greg, and his life mate, Craig, sister Barbra, brother Randall, her mother, Ethel, and two grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her father and one brother.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Cancer Society or Alzheimer Association.