Political Forum: more to local politics than WECRD

Posted by B Mullen on Fri, Mar 16, 2018, at 9:18 PM:

Why is it that this paper seems to focus on the WECRD but not on the constant antics of the MHSD. Recently the MHSD felt it appropriate to send voicemails, emails and texts to parents of students about a levy vote. Many property owners, that pay taxes, have no children in the district and they had no idea there was a vote. Not all of them buy the paper or follow the MHSD on social media. Shame shady tactics by the current board as past boards. One board member, initials of RB was rather rude, IMO to a taxpayer and while I understand the need for the levy, I proudly voted NO due to their rudeness and attitude. The MHSD has very little trust, IMO with the community. The only way they obtain approval with levies is to use the children as pawns to scare the public. Again SHAME on you bunch of BULLIES.

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