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Posted by B Mullen on Fri, Mar 16, 2018, at 9:18 PM:

Why is it that this paper seems to focus on the WECRD but not on the constant antics of the MHSD. Recently the MHSD felt it appropriate to send voicemails, emails and texts to parents of students about a levy vote. Many property owners, that pay taxes, have no children in the district and they had no idea there was a vote. Not all of them buy the paper or follow the MHSD on social media. Shame shady tactics by the current board as past boards. One board member, initials of RB was rather rude, IMO to a taxpayer and while I understand the need for the levy, I proudly voted NO due to their rudeness and attitude. The MHSD has very little trust, IMO with the community. The only way they obtain approval with levies is to use the children as pawns to scare the public. Again SHAME on you bunch of BULLIES.

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    Another week and another news story about the WECRD. Why is that about the only thing that is reported? Maybe you can research what the Elmore County Commissioners are proposing to help supply water to the area. If you watch the video they posted, it smack of them being in bed with the Cat Creek Energy Project. Least that is how myself and at least 10 other people that saw the video at separate times received it.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Wed, Oct 3, 2018, at 5:00 AM
    Response by Brenda Fincher, Publisher, Mountain Home News:
    We have explained in the paper that we have been unable to attend the Friday County Commissioners meetings as it is during business hours and our main production days are Friday, Monday and Tuesday to get the paper on the street Wednesday and Friday. Stephanie is shorthanded and until she can get another reporter hired to cover these types of things she is alone covering everything or partnering coverage. Prior to that this last month we covered all the commissioners meetings. She has kept up as much as possible with the evening meetings which the majority are in addition to her normal schedule ,but the day time meeting are impossible to meet with one person particularly on production days. . We hope to have someone hired soon and get back to our coverage of day time business hour meetings. thank you, Brenda
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    you might want to watch a informational video that was put out on FB. Listen to the words closely.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Wed, Oct 3, 2018, at 4:55 PM

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