Political Forum: Bad Infos Destroyes Economy Of Mountaintown Shopkeeps

Posted by ChloeWilson on Thu, Jul 27, 2017, at 9:24 PM:

I was up at the Pine today. The bridges and road work makes thing harder to get to the resturant but it needs to be construed. Shopkeeps are layin down mad about the county council jumping the gun with the announcement of the bridge closes. The libaral 3 officers said the road would be closed a round the 4th and it didn't close but a round the 21th. Shopkeeps said peeps didn't come to the Pine surroundings because of the long rough detur that didn't happen for 13 days later. This is a criticle, make or break time for the Feathrville and Pine shopkeeps and the county council put out wrong infos about the bridge closing. Hoffer and his other 2 companons on the council were ill responsible and own the mess in are mountain towns. Drain the Elmore swamp today.

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    As has been said, you might be taken seriously if you used proper grammar and English. So the swamp has moved from Mt Home to the County if I understand your rant. Since neither City or County leaders can accomplish anything, when are you going to step up and run for an office? Either be a part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Fri, Jul 28, 2017, at 4:42 AM
  • I agree with that Capt, Either be a part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

    -- Posted by MHSatanist1 on Fri, Jul 28, 2017, at 10:25 AM
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    Oh Mylanta, will nothin ever bee good enuff fer Chloe and her henz woo need to dwayne da swamp?

    -- Posted by ??ReallyPeople on Fri, Jul 28, 2017, at 11:09 AM
  • Old Capt Obvious I will try harder to improve mine grammer and english. Thanks you for pointing out that flaw again and again and again AND AGAIN . You really helps me. As a concened peep pointing out are county and city officers flaws; that makes me a real true patriot. But Im glad you agree neither the city and county leaders and fficers can accomplish any thing. Maybs both of us can step on to run for a officer seat, sees as we both agree how in effective Sikes and Hoffer are. Whats position will you like Old Capt?

    MoHoSatanis by pointing out are local serouse problems the hens and me are a huge part of the solutions and by not giving solutions someone is become a part of the problems.

    ReallyPeople, I couldnt understand youre spelling nor grammer. The Old Cap Obvious had some good advise. Do better and be parts of the solutions.

    -- Posted by ChloeWilson on Fri, Jul 28, 2017, at 9:32 PM
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    I never said I agree with you since (1) don't understand your stance, (2) I have never ranted on and on and on and on like you have and (3) I have no idea what swamp you keep referring to.

    Since I do not have issues like you do with leadership, I have no plans on running for any office in the future. Doubt I would ever since you and your hens are critical of just about any decision yet refuse to be a part of the solution.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Sat, Jul 29, 2017, at 6:35 AM
  • Are you confused abut what you writ on friday morns Old Capt Obviuos? Read over yur own words that plain states *niether the city or country officers can accomplish nothing* Maybs you didnt mean it buts you writ it plain. Maybs you also like to stir the pots whil being fake news. We each have our services to the public and mines are to point out when are officers turn into less honorble officers of the peeps. Maybs you should have a party for yours ill responsive heros in Elmore. I will no longer deal with you Old Co. Woont read any of your future words ever again. Yur just to angry abut you own life an all the school destrict grass thats needin water but complain abuts. Good ridens. Off to work but I'l be back soom.

    -- Posted by ChloeWilson on Sat, Jul 29, 2017, at 7:36 AM
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    Wow glad to know the Chloe has a crystal ball and knows all about someone they never met. I have a deal for you Chloe, you use your real name and I will provide mine. FYI, I have a very happy life and plan on not letting you bring that down at all.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Sat, Jul 29, 2017, at 6:32 PM
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    Glad I had lots of other things to do over the weekend instead of reading this thread and having a good laugh. And Chloe I wrote my comments in the same lingo you use so I found it doubtful that you couldn't read it or understand it. But keep on being who you are cause this little old town needs some comic relief.

    -- Posted by ??ReallyPeople on Mon, Jul 31, 2017, at 8:44 AM
  • Reallypeople? You seems to have many times to lingo & complain about what I wrot. Yur jobs must be to sit around and wait until I banter and then you complains. You solutions dont come though as sinser or practable. Yur another person I wont read another words of ever a gain. Are county and city council is nee deep in driving busineeses away from Elmore. And now they want to spend thousandes on a revited down town. That Sikes and Riggs will be vote drained as well as are unmensionable county counciler soomer from the laters. Freedom and patriots is what we need in the locals.

    -- Posted by ChloeWilson on Mon, Jul 31, 2017, at 4:42 PM
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    You rant and complain in your own language and whenever anyone goes against your thoughts, you ban them and refuse to 'listen' or read their words again. Sounds like you've gone to #45 training.

    BESIDES draining the swamp, what are your suggestions for bettering this fair city? You rant and complain but never offer any "sinser or practable" solutions.

    Let's hear it. Without bringing up any complaints or mentioning Mayor SYKES or Paul Riggs, what are your solutions?

    -- Posted by LongTimeListener on Mon, Jul 31, 2017, at 10:02 PM
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    Once again your words never cease to amaze me. I even checked Siri, Alexa, my Google Translator on my I7 and can't for the life of me figure out what "sinser" is. For the love of God and all that is holy someone try to help me understand what she is trying to say. Until then I shall continue to check the Mountain Home News daily to 1) ensure I am not in the obituaries and 2) look for the next installment of the "Days of our Lives" in this Political Banter page.

    -- Posted by ??ReallyPeople on Tue, Aug 1, 2017, at 8:15 AM
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    HEYYYYY...maybe ChloeWilson can tell us the true meaning of 'covfefe'!!!

    -- Posted by LongTimeListener on Tue, Aug 1, 2017, at 3:01 PM
  • Ms. Wilson, Hello my name is Albert Hofer, County Commisioner. One of the ones you have been speaking about here. I would like to invite you to the County Commissioners meeting held on Fridays at the courthouse. We would be happy to address any issues or misinformation that you have concerns with. It would be greatly appreatiated if you would attend and get the facts straight before you spread things that simply are not true. The bridge you are in reference to is handled by the highway district, not the commissioners. We will look forward to meeting you at our next meeting August 4, 2017.


    Commissioner Hofer

    -- Posted by Julieal on Tue, Aug 1, 2017, at 9:01 PM
  • Shame, Shame, Shame and extras SHAME's Albert Hofer, County Commisioner. I have all the FACTS on mine sides and you know it. A few of us hens rechecked whats the shopskepps in Pine and Feathrville said about your group of 3 and the bridge detur.

    It was plain as hats on heads in your socials Face book page from 1-7-2017 the council leaders and yur sherrif said the brigde was a closing on the 8th July but it didnt shuts down until much laters than that. 3 weeks almost. That why many didnt bother to head to are mountaintowns and its in plain ENGLISH for every face bookers to review right now.

    Commisioner Albert Hofer gets your facts strait before calling this hen dishonest. I as honest as they come and you being the BIG BUG in the county council means you should know that. SAD! SHAME! DRAIN.

    -- Posted by ChloeWilson on Thu, Aug 3, 2017, at 8:05 PM
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    The one thing I think you do not understand is plain English. It is very evident in your writing. And I doubt any response from anyone will ever be satisfactory for you and the people you associate with. I just wonder when anyone out of your group will have the courage to step forward, run for an office and save us all.

    -- Posted by B Mullen on Thu, Aug 3, 2017, at 8:33 PM
  • Ms. Wilson, I looked for you at our recent Commissioners meeting. I am very sorry you were not able to attend.


    Commissioner Hofer

    -- Posted by Julieal on Sat, Aug 5, 2017, at 7:59 AM
  • I swear to Buddha I hear banjos when I read these! Keep waiting for Ned Beatty to type "squeal like a pig boy!" Getting in my canoe, with a beer, and my shotgun to watch the festivities!

    -- Posted by FyrMama on Mon, Aug 7, 2017, at 11:08 PM

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