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Posted by LongTimeListener on Thu, Jul 6, 2017, at 2:00 PM:

Elmore Sportsman's Association trying to guilt the City into turning over the old animal shelter for their headquarters with no regard to the fact that they'd be displacing the stored City equipment and finding a new place for that equipment or having to build a new storage facility would be costing the taxpayers more money. And, not to mention all that needs to be done to that building to make it usable for any type of public use like making it ADA compliant, adding bathroom facilities and having to raise it 12" because it's in the floodplain...just like that other chunk of unused land on S. 18th. When Heckathorn was asked why they didn't ask the WECRD for help, he said 'because they're too political.'

Maybe it's too political because there would be a conflict of interest since I heard Mr. Claycomb mention that Dave Kellerman was on their newly formed committee for the Elmore Sportsman's Association...the same Dave Kellerman that just took on the third seat for the WECRD. Conflict of interest, much?

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