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Monday, March 27, 2017


We want to hear from you. Thank you for your time to help us understand what you would like to see in your community newspaper.

If you could pick one area you would like to see covered more than it currently is by the Mountain Home News, what would it be?
Consumer issues
Religion and churches
Local businesses
Local agriculture
Features on interesting local people
Schools and student activities
Local sports
Municipal and school government
Local history
Service organizations and social clubs
Community arts and entertainment
Something not listed above

If you chose "something not listed above" please note what you would like to see.:

One thing I like about the Mountain Home News is:

Something that would make the Mountain Home News better is:

Do you subscribe to the Mountain Home News?

I read the paper:
In print

Do you purchase the Mountain Home News at one of our local stores?

If you do not subscribe to the newspaper is it because:
In these economic times, we are cutting back
Delivery issues
I read the free information posted online

I would subscribe if:

Please provide your name and phone number if you would like an answer: