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Friday, August 1, 2014
A solution that might work...
Posted Wednesday, July 30, at 8:24 AM
Things remain tight for local governments, which is why the bus service is in so much trouble. There are a small number of people who genuinely need the service. But unfortunately, it is a small number. The bus company says it has 20,000 riders a year, which comes out to about seven riders an hour for the bus. We've never actually seen seven people on the bus at one time, but that's what their numbers say...

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Next step needed for fair
Posted Wednesday, July 23, at 8:11 AM

The 2014 Elmore County Fair is now in the books and attendance was up slightly from last year. Our congratulations to the participants and volunteers for their hard, excellent work -- and to the fair board for putting air conditioning in the exhibit building...

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Time for reform is now
Posted Wednesday, July 16, at 8:20 AM

There is absolutely no question that the immigration laws of the United States need to be reformed. Some people think they should be tougher, some easier for immigrants to enter the country, but whatever the law is, we think it should at least be enforced. ...

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Time to change culture
Posted Wednesday, July 9, at 8:26 AM

The city, the base and the local bar owners are working to try and reduce some of the problems associated with alcohol. Beyond DUI cases, however, nobody really knows how many crimes police deal with in which alcohol is a factor -- because nobody keeps any records. ...

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VA needs money, not rhetoric
Posted Wednesday, July 2, at 8:24 AM

It's been a dirty little secret for a long time that a lot of veterans were less that thrilled with the care and attention they got from the VA. The recent VA scandal, triggered by some whistleblowers who should get medals for having the courage to come forward, lifted the rock on VA operations...

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There are no good options
Posted Wednesday, June 25, at 8:15 AM

Veterans of the War in Iraq are beginning to understand how veterans of Vietnam felt when they watched the fall of the U.S. embassy in Saigon. But no soldier from either war should feel badly. Our military is asked to do one thing -- execute the national policy of the United States as determined by the president and Congress. ...

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A lot of blood on the floor
Posted Wednesday, June 18, at 8:24 AM

Observing the Idaho GOP convention in Moscow last week was like watching a bad slasher film. There was so much blood on the convention floor when it was over that the party came within an inch of drowning from its own divisions. If the Idaho had a valid, effective and organized opposition party, which it doesn't, then this would be the year to strike, with the state's GOP in total disarray. ...

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Be fire wise this season
Posted Wednesday, June 11, at 8:02 AM

Winter is over. Spring is rapidly disappearing, and the next season will soon be upon us -- fire season. Summer sort of takes a back seat as a season in this part of the country. The main purpose of summer, after all, is merely to dry everything out so we can burn the state down...

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Wait for the debriefing
Posted Wednesday, June 4, at 8:25 AM

We're glad to see Bowe Bergdahl finally be released after almost five years in captivity. He was traded for five Taliban who had held civilian or military leadership positions in the old Taliban government that we destroyed a decade ago, so we suppose it could be considered sort of a prisoner of war exchange (the al-Qaeda terrorists we're holding at Guantanamo are a matter of much grayer legal status). ...

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'Spinning' out of control
Posted Wednesday, May 28, at 8:44 AM

Most people get better as they become more experienced in their job. The same cannot be said for the Obama administration. After offering so much hope for change for the better, what we're actually seeing is an increasingly incompetent, chaotic administration that's spending more time on spin control that fixing problems. In fact, the amount of spin has become dizzying...

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A battle destined to be lost
Posted Wednesday, May 21, at 8:32 AM

In the space of a week, the gay marriage bans in both Idaho and Oregon were struck down by separate federal district courts. Oregon has decided not to fight it. Idaho intends, at present, to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, where it will get in line behind a few other cases dealing with the same issue -- some from states, some from individuals...

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Strong candidate choices
Posted Wednesday, May 14, at 8:22 AM

This year's Republican primary election is a key test of the internal battle within the party for which ideological group will control the state party -- those who advocate Tea Party type positions and those who are the more traditional "mainstream" Republican. It's a race playing out nationally, but has become particularly acute in Idaho -- at all levels, from battles for precinct committees (which ultimately control the state party machinery) to state and national offices...

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A little prayer from the court
Posted Wednesday, May 7, at 8:08 AM

This week's decision by the Supreme Court involved prayer preceding public meetings is interesting and will be embraced by many. In the past, courts have ruled that simply using the premises of a government building was sufficient to cause a prohibition on prayer. ...

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Party is at a crossroads
Posted Wednesday, April 30, at 8:16 AM

There is a battle going on for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. This election may put that party at a critical crossroads. The 2016 presidential election will be the finish line in this race for control of the ideology of the party. It will determine if the party will take a hard turn to the right, or stay within shouting distance of the mainstream middle...

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It's not all doom and gloom
Posted Wednesday, April 23, at 8:28 AM

Gov. Butch Otter strongly supports Mountain Home Air Force Base. Let no one mistake that. But last week, Otter put out a statement that riled some of our local leaders, although we're certain that wasn't intentional. Otter indicated that the airbase was in jeopardy, as well as the Gowen Field Air National Guard facility. ...

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Crisis getting dangerous
Posted Wednesday, April 16, at 8:27 AM

A basic principle of the military doctrine of the old Soviet Union-- and now the Russian Federation -- is the concept of maskirovka. It's a word that means, roughly, to deceive. In Russian military doctrine it means to create conditions within the enemy political and military structures that will diminish their ability to react effectively to any attack. ...

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Volunteers are valuable
Posted Wednesday, April 9, at 8:05 AM

This is the middle of National Volunteer Week, a time to honor those who help ot hers, and a time to encourage others to help. Most non-profit organizations could not survive without the work of their wonderful volunteers. From the Red Cross to the senior centers, youth programs, fire recovery reseeding and environmental clean-up, the list goes on of all the ways in which our world is made better by volunteers...

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Focus now is on fixing law
Posted Wednesday, April 2, at 8:09 AM

The deadline for people to sign up for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, was Monday. Anyone who didn't will face certain penalties that will be enforced by the IRS on their next set of taxes, and since nobody wants to mess with the IRS, that may have gotten the enrollment numbers over the top...

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Legislature wasn't terrible
Posted Wednesday, March 26, at 8:08 AM

The Idaho Legislature has adjourned and we can all breath a sigh of relief. All in all, it wasn't the worst session in Idaho history. It even had some small high points. Mainly, it did no significant harm, which is about all that we expect these days out of our lawmakers at any level...

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Apathy creates bad politics
Posted Wednesday, March 19, at 8:16 AM

For all the sound and fury over the need to make changes in the political make-up of just about any level of government, the truth is, not many people actually want to run or even take part by paying attention. Look at the local races. Nine offices are up for election. But only three have challenges in the May primary and this fall seven of those nine races will be unopposed on the ballot unless an independent or write-in (read hopeless cause) candidate shows up...

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