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Sunday, May 29, 2016
Congratulations, graduates
Posted Wednesday, May 25, at 9:22 AM
Our congratulations go to the Class of 2016. Whether you will receive your diploma through Mountain Home High School, Bennett Mountain High School, Richard McKenna Charter High School, Glenns Ferry High School, Rimrock Junior and Senior High School or other learning centers, those who step forward to receive their diplomas this week have reached a major milestone in their lives...

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They won the primaries, now the real work begins
Posted Wednesday, May 18, at 9:47 AM

I'd like to take a moment and extend my personal congratulations to all the candidates who earned a vote of confidence from local voters on Tuesday. For the first time in quite a while, the primary election offered voters in Elmore County and across the state a solid field of contenders, each one hoping to make things better for those who live here...

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Make a difference Tuesday, get out and cast a ballot
Posted Wednesday, May 11, at 9:58 AM

In just six short days, voters across Elmore County will head to the polls to cast their votes in a number of contested races. I can't encourage people enough to get out and vote because it's not simply a right. It's also our duty and responsibility...

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Students take major step toward learning to say 'no'
Posted Wednesday, May 4, at 9:47 AM

Last Tuesday, officers with the Mountain Home Police Department held a brief ceremony at Hacker Middle School that marked the completion of a program that I hope will make a difference in the lives of the students in our community. One by one, nearly 320 sixth graders stepped forward and accepted their certificates as they graduated from the local Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E. program...

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A desire to stay the course
Posted Wednesday, April 27, at 10:26 AM

The people have spoken... Well, it was actually a few people that spoke, but their responses seemed to lead to one conclusion -- stay the course. In recent weeks, the staff of the Mountain Home News conducted an online poll to gauge the public's interest in the county's publication. It was a chance for them to tell us what they thought of the newspaper and what improvements, if any, they preferred...

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Here we go once again...
Posted Wednesday, April 20, at 9:50 AM

Well here we go... again. On Friday, the Defense Department announced to Congress that the United States is spending too much money on excess facilities and needs our lawmakers to step in and do something. Translated: We have way too many military bases, and some of them need to close...

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Get to know candidates running this election year
Posted Wednesday, April 13, at 9:55 AM

Last Tuesday, the Mountain Home community had the unique chance to learn firsthand the goals and aspirations of 11 people running for seats in the primary elections coming up May 17. For the 100 or so people that attended the political forum, it was the perfect chance for them to present their questions and concerns to those they will choose as their next representatives at the county and state level...

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Technology always proves that it can let people down
Posted Wednesday, April 6, at 10:10 AM

The news headline the other day had me shaking my head in utter disbelief. Following a tornado that tore up a small town in Texas, a construction company went in to demolish a home severely damage by the storm. Unfortunately, the crew ended up tearing down the wrong house by mistake. They relied on information they pulled down from the Internet to determine which house they needed to take down...

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Those neglecting their pets don't deserve to have one
Posted Wednesday, March 30, at 9:42 AM

The one thing about my children is I can always tell when something is wrong. So when my youngest daughter suddenly threw on a jacket and a pair of shoes and ran out the front door Friday afternoon, I knew something was bothering her. Unable to see where she went, I grabbed my own jacket and shoes and quickly followed. Huddled just out of sight below the living room window, she was trying to comfort a cat that was meowing hysterically...

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Would our state legislature please stop wasting money?
Posted Wednesday, March 23, at 10:46 AM

Let's just say that I'm really worried about filing my state tax return this year. Last year, I was pretty confident that my wife and I would come close to breaking even since we had the state take out more in taxes over the previous 12 months. The several hundred dollars we ended up owing the state was a huge shock and caused us to cut back on eating out, going on road trips or splurging on those little things that make our lives better. ...

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Idaho needs to change law on driving with cell phones
Posted Wednesday, March 16, at 10:19 AM

Last week, the city of Ketchum took a significant step forward toward approving a law would ban drivers from using their cell phones. While the law hasn't been approved quite yet, it's possible that it could take affect next month. It's a law the state should seriously consider adopting...

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Incumbents should worry
Posted Wednesday, March 9, at 10:12 AM

With two months left before this year's state and local primaries, the list of candidates running for political office is starting to take shape. While a few of them are looking to make it through the May elections unscathed since no one is running against them, others could see some significant opposition this time around...

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Our high school students seem far better prepared than our state lawmakers
Posted Wednesday, March 2, at 10:35 AM

Over the past several days, I've had the opportunity to listen to comments made by two different groups of people. One group left me feeling inspired on the one hand while the other left me shaking my head in utter disbelief. Let me dwell on the positives first...

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High school's speech team remains highly competitive
Posted Wednesday, February 24, at 9:31 AM

I came back to work last week with a renewed sense of optimism as I prepared to sit down and write this week's editorial. A lot of that came from spending a day serving as a judge during this year's U-Bus-2-Us tournament at Mountain Home High School...

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Today's aspiring scientists produce amazing results
Posted Wednesday, February 10, at 11:25 AM

One of my less-fortunate experiences in third grade involved my less-than-stellar science experiment. Despite my best attempts, I couldn't get any mold to grow on the culture I had setting in my locker for what seemed like weeks. Maybe if I had tried using one of my gym socks to grow mold, I would've had better results. ...

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Education budget proposal aims to help state students
Posted Wednesday, February 3, at 9:39 AM

I needed to start this week's editorial by venting off some of the frustration I've had to deal with lately. The Iowa Caucus arrived on Monday, and to be honest, I'm so burned out from the constant barrage of candidate speeches and "breaking" political news that I just want to stop caring at this point...

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Time for cautious optimism as local economy recovers
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 9:50 AM

After nearly seven years of hearing a constant barrage of bad news, it appears this community and others like it are in store for some good news this year. Unemployment figures released by the Idaho Department of Labor earlier this month tends to support a trend that the number of unemployed people in the state is down, including those living in Elmore County. The data isn't an isolated bump but shows a steady rise in local employment...

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25 years after Desert Storm mideast conflict remains with no resolution in sight
Posted Wednesday, January 20, at 10:04 AM

Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of a milestone in U.S. history that may end up going unnoticed in many communities across the United States. On Jan. 16, 1990, U.S. and coalition forces launched their first sorties against Iraqi forces during the Persian Gulf War, or more commonly known as Operation Desert Storm...

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Whatever happened with caring for our children?
Posted Wednesday, January 13, at 10:44 AM

After everything that happened last Wednesday, you might say I was a little upset. Well, actually, I was extremely frustrated. Two issues that directly affect the children of our community had me shaking my head in disappointment. The first issue deals directly with the state's involvement in our schools, or more to the point the lack of involvement. ...

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Get ready for (yet) another political theater showcase
Posted Wednesday, January 6, at 11:14 AM

Well we survived another year with the next one just getting started. While it's hard to believe that 2015 had come and gone so fast, I'm thinking this next year is going to seemingly drag on forever. I attribute part of that assessment on the fact we're going to spend the next 10 months embroiled in a presidential election that actually began early *lastyear. ...

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