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Sunday, April 20, 2014
Crisis getting dangerous
Posted Wednesday, April 16, at 8:27 AM
A basic principle of the military doctrine of the old Soviet Union-- and now the Russian Federation -- is the concept of maskirovka. It's a word that means, roughly, to deceive. In Russian military doctrine it means to create conditions within the enemy political and military structures that will diminish their ability to react effectively to any attack. ...

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Volunteers are valuable
Posted Wednesday, April 9, at 8:05 AM

This is the middle of National Volunteer Week, a time to honor those who help ot hers, and a time to encourage others to help. Most non-profit organizations could not survive without the work of their wonderful volunteers. From the Red Cross to the senior centers, youth programs, fire recovery reseeding and environmental clean-up, the list goes on of all the ways in which our world is made better by volunteers...

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Focus now is on fixing law
Posted Wednesday, April 2, at 8:09 AM

The deadline for people to sign up for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, was Monday. Anyone who didn't will face certain penalties that will be enforced by the IRS on their next set of taxes, and since nobody wants to mess with the IRS, that may have gotten the enrollment numbers over the top...

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Legislature wasn't terrible
Posted Wednesday, March 26, at 8:08 AM

The Idaho Legislature has adjourned and we can all breath a sigh of relief. All in all, it wasn't the worst session in Idaho history. It even had some small high points. Mainly, it did no significant harm, which is about all that we expect these days out of our lawmakers at any level...

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Apathy creates bad politics
Posted Wednesday, March 19, at 8:16 AM

For all the sound and fury over the need to make changes in the political make-up of just about any level of government, the truth is, not many people actually want to run or even take part by paying attention. Look at the local races. Nine offices are up for election. But only three have challenges in the May primary and this fall seven of those nine races will be unopposed on the ballot unless an independent or write-in (read hopeless cause) candidate shows up...

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Pablum from politicians
Posted Wednesday, March 12, at 8:47 AM

You can tell it's an election year. In the Idaho Legislature, representatives and senators are doing as little as possible to rock the boat just before the May primary election (the only election that counts in Idaho at present). So even the nut bills are being held to a minimum and too many aren't slipping out of committee to face a roll-call vote on the floor. ...

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Vote yes on school levy
Posted Wednesday, March 5, at 8:33 AM

We urge our readers to vote in favor of the school district's supplemental levy request next Tuesday. The worst thing would be to get complacent and not vote, since there is a solid core of 700-800 people who will vote no on just about anything out there. So, a good turnout is needed to show support for the school district...

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This is what peace looks like
Posted Wednesday, February 26, at 8:13 AM

As the Department of Defense prepares to move from an expeditionary force at war to a garrison force preparing for the next war, it is proposing a budget that could have significant impacts in both the near term and long term in Idaho. The most immediate effect will, of course, be the proposed loss of the Idaho Air National Guard's A-10 squadron and the Army National Guard's attack helicopter squadron. ...

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Ybarra is a good choice
Posted Wednesday, February 19, at 8:40 AM

With Sherri Ybarra throwing her hat into the ring, there are now three Republicans and one Democrat vying to replace Tom Luna as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ybarra, of course, is well known around here, in part for the way she turned West Elementary School from a perennial F grade in the Annual Yearly Progress evaluations to a top performing four-star school. ...

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What a mess
Posted Wednesday, February 12, at 8:11 AM

The fallout from the state's effort to privatize the state prison is turning into a hot potato for the governor's administration. First, there were the lawsuits by some of the prisoners, contending the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) guards were, at best, lax in preventing assaults and other illegal activities by prisoners...

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As a practical matter...
Posted Wednesday, February 5, at 8:20 AM

No matter how good it may sound to those who believe in an unfettered right to bear arms, a bill proposed in the legislature to allow guns on university campuses has some problems. The bill would allow retired law enforcement officers and anyone with an Idaho enhanced concealed weapons permit to carry a firearm on campus...

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A chance for education
Posted Wednesday, January 29, at 8:23 AM

It didn't quite approach the level of dancing in the street, but state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's announcement Monday that he wouldn't be seeking election was greeted with great joy in many quarters, especially those involving school administrations and teachers...

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If it weren't for the honor...
Posted Wednesday, January 22, at 8:13 AM

There's another "pay for performance" bill in the legislature, designed to "honor" teachers. The bill calls for each of the 105 legislators to hand out an award to a teacher in their district. The teachers would be identified by the school district or charter school they work for...

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At least keep the schools straight
Posted Wednesday, January 15, at 8:17 AM

I was chatting with a woman I know the other day whom I consider quite intelligent and knowledgeable about community events, when she asked me why the school district was going to build a new elementary school. It brought me up short because almost everything about that question was fundamentally wrong. But if she was confused, I'm sure others out there are confused as well...

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Otter has correct emphasis on education
Posted Wednesday, January 8, at 8:37 AM

Gov. Butch Otter's call for improved funding for Idaho education is definitely a step in the right direction. Since the economic meltdown in 2008, funding for education has seen some real and serious reductions in funding, forcing local taxpayers to pick up the load...

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A resolution for Congress
Posted Tuesday, December 31, at 8:17 AM

A congressional highlight reel for 2013 would look more like a blooper film. Certainly, it was a little less than its finest hour. But, at the end of the year, there was some hope as Congress actually managed to pass a budget. Sure, it was filled with pork, as usual, but it actually passed. It was the first time that had happened in six years. For all practical purposes, we'd been living on continuing resolutions that simply continued the last Bush budget...

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It's been a forgettable year
Posted Tuesday, December 24, at 8:15 AM

This has been the kind of year where you could say the country was rode hard and put up wet. It wasn't one of the most shining moments in American history. Our foreign policy was a shambles. We kept drawing lines that Syria kept stepping over until the Russians, of all people, stepped in and brokered a deal that kept the West out and the civil war continuing. And we called that a victory...

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The legacy of Snowden
Posted Wednesday, December 18, at 8:34 AM

We have a hard time believing that the U.S. government would ever consider a deal to let Eric Snowden back into the country and grant him immunity from prosecution. It seems unlikely to us, for example, that Snowden has been given asylum in Russia without the Russians somehow gaining access to the documents he stole from U.S. ...

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Shop more at home
Posted Wednesday, December 11, at 8:08 AM

We're in the heart of the Christmas season and the next few weeks will be critical to local businesses who rely on the seasonal trade traffic for their annual profit margins. Remember that the people who run these small "Main Street" businesses, and the employees they hire, are your friends and neighbors...

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A season of peace?
Posted Thursday, December 5, at 8:15 AM

"Peace on earth, good will toward all men." It's that time of season, when some people actually try, consciously, to bring that wonderful thought to life. Frankly, it works better at the local level -- with food and gift drives for those who need them -- than it does at the level of international politics, where finding creative ways to kill each other remains the norm...

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