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Saturday, April 19, 2014
Getting Your Resume past Automatic Screeners
Posted Monday, December 9, at 2:32 PM
Do you want to work in a large organization? It comes as no surprise to find large companies dealing with a large number of resumes submitted for just a few positions. You cannot expect an HR executive to read through each one of them. At best, they skim through the resume and make the decision of whether the applicant is worth shortlisting...

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Tips to Write Resumes for Tech Professionals
Posted Monday, August 19, at 10:22 PM

Given below are ten tips that can be especially helpful for tech professionals to improve their resume and get their dream jobs. Optimize your resume for a short attention span Recruiters for tech jobs often have to go through hundreds of resumes, so they have a short attention span. ...

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Transitioning to a Teaching Career
Posted Tuesday, July 30, at 12:22 AM

Mid-career professionals who are ready for a change are increasingly considering a career in teaching. Anyone wondering about transitioning into a teaching career from another profession should first consider their reasons for wanting to become a teacher...

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How to write a great cover letter
Posted Monday, June 10, at 8:45 PM

Writing a cover letter becomes easy when you know its Do's and Don'ts. Given the importance of a cover letter, it is necessary that each one you send is impeccably written. Here are some tips to help you prepare cover letters that recruiters will love to read:...

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Resume Tips for Administrative Assistants
Posted Monday, May 13, at 10:43 PM

Crafting a resume for a job as ubiquitous as the administrative assistant position might seem like a challenge. With so many different qualifications, training and educational requirements depending on the company, an administrative assistant's resume might differ widely from job to job. ...

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Common Career Mistakes for Nurses to Avoid
Posted Wednesday, April 17, at 8:49 PM

For the most part, nurses are awarded almost the same level of respect as others who work at the forefront of healthcare, directly helping patients. They have to work hard to earn their license and degrees, and they need to continue their hard work when they start their career and as a seasoned nurse as well...

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Starting Off Your Accounting Career
Posted Wednesday, March 13, at 11:57 PM

Most recent finance and accounting college graduates have a good chance of getting a job at a large company. The chances of landing a job at one of the Big Four accounting firms, which are Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, are greater if you graduate from an Ivy League school like Wharton or Harvard. ...

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Five Resumes Practices That Lead To Rejections
Posted Monday, December 3, at 6:50 PM

A resume is meant to give a candidate a chance to get an interview in a company. If it achieves this, then it is a success. There are several factors that determine the success of a resume, but it takes just one bad practice or mistake to get a resume rejected. ...

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Landing an Internship during College
Posted Thursday, August 9, at 7:10 PM

Finding an internship during college is one of the best methods of gaining valuable work experience before graduation. Although an internship may not be required for graduation in some programs, students in all majors should take advantage of an opportunity for an internship...

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Construct A Cover Letter That Gets You Noticed
Posted Tuesday, July 10, at 12:10 AM

Are you not getting the interview calls that you really want? You may find it hard to understand that while you are getting sufficient calls for interviews for jobs you don't care much about, you are unable to get even a few interview calls for the type of job you really want. Although this is undesirable, the good news is that you can easily reverse the trend...

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Dangerous Statements That Can Ruin Your Interview
Posted Monday, April 16, at 12:11 AM

Do you find yourself being rejected at job interviews all too often, even though you felt they went well? If your answer is yes, then you may just be ruining your chances of landing your dream job because of an innocent but stupid statement. Here are some statements that you should never say in an interview, even though they seem completely harmless at a glance. You can also better prepare yourself on what to say by reading interview questions online...

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Job Hunting Advice
Posted Tuesday, February 7, at 1:59 AM

Whether you're looking for a new job in your field or entering a new field altogether, finding a good job requires a bit more effort, knowledge and wisdom than it ever did before. The combination of job availability, economy and competition can make the task of finding a job a challenge. ...

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What To Do After Getting Fired
Posted Tuesday, October 25, at 3:08 AM

Being fired from a job is an overwhelming situation financially and emotionally for most individuals. This is especially true if losing your job is unexpected or you are the sole wage earner for a family. Although it may take time, realizing the professional and personal growth opportunities that can result from being fired is essential in successfully managing a job loss...

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How to Grab Attention with a Career Summary
Posted Tuesday, August 16, at 2:35 PM

How to Grab Attention with a Career Summary We all know how busy hiring managers are these day. It goes without saying that at a time of financial downturn a minor job posting gets deluged with resumes of prospective candidates and the herculean task of sorting the right candidate rested on the shoulders of the HR. ...

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