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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Take One Home to Your Mother-In-Law

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at 6:56 PM

I took another picture in November when I was out there.
Today, I was thinking about road signs and how they were a part of our landscape growing up. On Old Highway 30, you can still find a few rusted signs that made our trip to town a more interesting adventure.

If we were heading to King Hill, we always passed the Petrified Watermelons-Take One Home to Your Mother-in-Law, sign. It is still there today, thanks to the Kast family from the 101 Ranch.

If we headed to Bliss or Gooding, there was a sign that read: "Idaho is Full of Beautiful Lonely Women".

Farris Lind was responsible for improving a child's ability to read along Old Hwy 30. I say this in jest, but if it weren't for his humorous signs, there would have only been a few miles of sagebrush and rocks to look at.

Farris Lind was the original owner of the Stinker Stations in Idaho. In my research via Google, I found an article written by Steven Crump for the Twin paper. It was titled: "Remembering the Bard of Kimberly Road" Apparently, 2011 is the 75th Anniversary for the celebration of cheap gasoline in Twin Falls.

According to Crump, Lind sold gas for less than 12 cents a gallon which was the going rate at the time during the Great Depression.

He started his business at the ripe old age of 20. If you grew up in Idaho; seeing the Stinker Station signs with their Fearless Farris Skunks and boxing gloves were a familiar sight. TV commercials later led to the theme song: "Fearless Farris is a Stinker!"

I can't begin to describe to you, the look on my husband David's face the first time I sang that slogan to him with my nose plugged. Another Idaho-ism!

Here is a sampling of The Stinker Station signs:

Californians Must Be Dipped Before Entering Idaho

Sitting Bull Stood Up Here,

Tourists Do Not Laugh at the Natives

If Your Wife Wants to Drive, Don't Stand in Her Way,

Is Your Clutch Slipping? Let us Check Your Rear-End.

Other signs could be found in out the middle of nowhere:

No Swimming Allowed in this Area

Sheepherders Headed to Town Have The Right of Way

Sage Brush is Free, Stuff Some in Your Car.

Being nostalgic does not mean that you want to live in the past. I think it means that a person recognizes all the milestones of their lives and enjoys rethinking them from time to time.

Ironically, I think that being able to afford gas at less than 12 cents a gallon in 1936, was just as hard to come by as it is in 2011 at nearly $4.00 per gallon. The only difference is that back then, people walked most places, or rode a horse or a bicycle.

So, this Missouri transplant from is leaving you with one last sign slogan that applies to me:

If You Lived Here, You Would be Home By Now.

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if you look at this web site, you will see the sign I described in the beginning of the blog.


-- Posted by KH Gal on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 7:57 PM

The Steven Crump article was very interesting. Is this a re-write of it?

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 10:33 PM

No it isn't, I only quoted some of the facts that he presented regarding Farris Lind. I wouldn't presume to rewrite someone's article.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 11:05 PM

Most of the pertinent facts came from the Crump article with little else added.

But I'm curious when you said "Being nostalgic does not mean that you want to live in the past. I think it means that a person recognizes all the milestones of their lives and enjoys rethinking them from time to time." Where did liking to live in the past come up? It seems a little out of place in the recap of the Crump article. I didn't see any milestones in your life that were referenced either.

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 11:07 AM

I don't know who you are, but this is my blog and I am getting a little tired of your "critiques"

If you don't like how I write, go read something else. Or better yet, write your own blog.

Your "tiresome" comments are offensive to me. This is a blog, not a bid for an award winning book. I used the Crump Article and quoted him directly on all the things that I put down in reference to his article. I also was very frank about my research on Google about getting all of the signage listed that I could find.

I like writing whatever comes to mind and I refuse to be intimidated by some anonymous person who thinks that they are my 9th Grade English Teacher.

So very politely, I am telling you to back off. I don't need you to help me improve my writing skills. You are taking all of the enjoyment out of this.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 11:27 AM

You actually didn't quote him on the list of signs that you provided among other things. A quote has a " before and after it, and who provided the information.

But I'll back off. I see that you don't really want to raise the level of what we read on the Mountain Home News blog.

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 12:16 PM

I don't think it is your place to raise the level of reading. And if you want better content write it yourself.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 12:21 PM

I love road signs and when I was a kid growing up it was fun to watch for road signs that gave you enjoyment while watching for the next one on down the road.

I always wondered if it was free to do back then or if you needed permission to post the signs and pay the owner of the land?

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 12:27 PM

Bonnie, I absolutely love your writings and stories. They are of a simpler time in many ways, and I believe that many don't get the value of some of the "simple" things. I'm sorry that so many people can't see the beauty of those memories, and cherish them as we do.

Your blog is similar to mine, in that we share what we know and love. Whether it be a memory, or current. Obviously, we live in the present and are successful in our own ways. This does not ever detract from our love of our history and the lifestyle we choose to cherish. I have a strong desire to make sure my kids and grandkids have the ability to live as close to that life as possible. At times, it's a lot of work, just as it was back then, but as my photos show, there is immense joy in the surprises that can be appreciated if we just appreciate them.

Too often, there are unhappy individuals that live to raise themselves up, by bringing others down. I always try to remember if that is their philosophy, they don't really have a place in my life.

You keep writing your way, because we who care love it, Keep Sharing the Beauty your way...


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 1:16 PM

Bonnie: Clap!!Clap!!Clap!!!!

stabor001, why don't crawl back under the rock you came out from under. As far as my opinion you telling people how to write their blog or saying they followed another article when they wrote what she would like to write about. Its ok with alot of us, and we may not always agree in what she has to say but she does have that right, if all you want to do is critize, then go write your own blog and teach us all how you think it should be done.

Keep writing Bonnie you know you have readers that read your blog even if they don't comment.

-- Posted by Eagle_eye on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 1:32 PM

Thank you Jessie and MsM.

In my travels across google yesterday to get some examples of signage, I didn't see any reference to a charge of any kind for posting the signs.

What was interesting to me was the fact that so many travelers mentioned the humorous signs from all over the US and supplied pictures too. There was even one reference as far back as 1956 from Canada.

I used the internet, because it had been so long since I lived in Idaho and I couldn't remember some of the pertinent facts and learned a lot about Farris Lind.

It is not all that easy to composte a blog and you don't want to repeat yourself if you can help it. I get nightmares thinking that I may have mentioned something else before and I have to go back and check prior ones just to make sure. I also have to guard against transposing my words. My mind does one thing and my fingers type another.

David, my husband is gracious enough not to point out my grammatical errors, even though he was an editor for a college paper. I am sure that I have made him wince more than once or twice.

I am coming to Idaho in November for a week. I will be bringing two of my grandchildren with me. It would be very nice to get together for coffee or something so that we could all meet.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 1:41 PM

Bonnie! I want to get together also! As I've said before, I think it would be great to have several of us bloggers who are interested in one another to meet and put a face to the "keyboard" ...so to speak.

I volunteered my home then, and it still stands...if you can stand the remodeling,.... I have no problem with that.


-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:04 PM

I will be flying in on the 18th and flying back on the 25th. I will check with Mom about using the car or what anyone may have planned. What days would be good for any of you or evenings?

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:11 PM

Oh...gosh. I can't think that far ahead. Obviously you'll want to be with your famlily for Thanksgiving. So.... we should all look at Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23? or Sunday 21? I'm fairly open.... I'll just work with ya

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:37 PM

Jessie, unless they changed the calendar, mine says the 21st is Monday. LMBO. It could be a good chance to meet some of you if there is a get together. I will watch for what you all decide.

-- Posted by Eagle_eye on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:44 PM

Wed would probably out. I am usually busy helping Mom. But Sun, Mon or Tues would be fine.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:55 PM

OK, it's a tentative thing...let's see who chines in.

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:57 PM

ah heck, you caught me Joe.... LOL

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 2:58 PM

I would love to have a meet up, I think it would be fun.

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 3:02 PM

Only reason I caught it was you went from Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 23 then to Sunday 21 which made me wonder where did Monday disappear to, so looked at the calendar, still LMBO.

-- Posted by Eagle_eye on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 3:03 PM

As soon as it gets closer, we can plan a date.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 3:18 PM

Most respectfully, STABOR and KH GAL are you both like FIVE YEARS OLD!

-- Posted by aussiecallen on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 4:01 PM

I would love to meet up. Try to keep an update posted.

aussiecallen, your question or statement is uncalled for and not appreciated. If you aren't from Idaho, I fail to see why you or anyone else would make some of the comments I've seen, and you sure don't know how to talk to a lady!

-- Posted by royincaldwell on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 4:45 PM

I try to be careful and civil about my blogs and my replies. I do feel that Stabor crossed the line more than once and that I needed to address it.

I am not in High School waiting for a passing grade nor did I ask her to give me one.

If you enjoy the stories, keep reading them. But improvements in my writing skills are ongoing and I am quite sure that I will get better and more polished as time goes on.

As we have all mentioned before, if you don't like what we have to say or how we say it, write your own blog. Your point of view is relevant, but this is a growing experience for us all and not an English Composition Final.

Because it has been over 20 years since I lived in Idaho, I needed a refresher course on some of the sign logos. I put in the facts presented by Steven Crump only because it was new information to me and I thought it gave some background to the signs that I admired when I was growing up.

Farris Lind seemed to be a fellow with a keen business acumen and a sense of humor to boot. I found the signs mentioned in several references and used them only for the purpose of the added humor. Many of you probably have a fond memory of one of the signs.

Along the Fence Line, defines my thoughts and memories. It also will reflect some current things if the inspiration hits. It has been my pleasure to present these thoughts to others for their enjoyment also.

Thank you for all of your support my blog friends! I look forward to meeting you in November.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 8:46 PM

Bonnie keep the story's coming, don't take it personal when an anonymous person posts something negative to your blog. It will happen from time to time.... It happens to me, but then I probably ask for it..... lol!

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 9:22 PM

Anonymous? My name is part of my login. I'm Sharon Tabor.

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 7:24 AM

Hi there Sharon Tabor so now your not anonymous any more :)

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 8:40 AM

Hello MSMarylin.

I didn't mean to stir up any problems. I taught English at a community college in my past life and appreciate good writing and I see some really good work in the writing of some of the blogs on this paper. If I hadn't seen a lot of potential in KH Gal, I wouldn't have made suggestions but I see that she doesn't want them so I've backed off.

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 9:13 AM

It was the way that you went about it that was offensive. You could have introduced yourself and said you had a couple suggestions privately.

How would you react to a total stranger giving critiques on something that you had written?

You might have good insight on my potential, but you weren't very friendly about it. And like I said, you could have e-mailed me privately with the information that you have given MSM.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 9:47 AM

I agree Bonnie and there's a link for anyone to email you where your name is. I don't have that on my blog........ I wish I did

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 10:18 AM

Okay KH Gal. Time to drop it and move on.

-- Posted by History_Nerd on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 11:32 AM

I always wondered how many people stopped and loaded some petrified watermelons in their cars? And if I've made a spelling error or otherwise please forgive, I only went to the 6th grade.

-- Posted by arsenal on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 5:51 PM

According to the Steve Crump article, Farris Lind had to keep supplying rocks for the tourists by the truck load.

Living as close as we did to that sign, we would see people pull over to take pictures and to look for the petrified watermelons.

Stabor001, I apologize for being so snippy. I have thought about you all day long. I hate to lose my temper. I think that you should write a blog about creative writing and how to develop your skills. We would all benefit from your experience.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Fri, Sep 30, 2011, at 12:57 AM

Now I know. Wonder how many had to bring them back?

-- Posted by arsenal on Fri, Sep 30, 2011, at 6:48 AM

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