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Sunday, March 26, 2017

What I am supposed to Say?

Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2011, at 11:14 PM

Clearly I am not going to write an insightful blog tonight. Hundreds of words have been typed and deleted. The editor in my mind has been scolding me! That is Too Depressing, what is your point? I can't believe you would even think that!

So I guess that you will have to settle with a short story:

Camp Cascade:

Jessie has been posting great pictures of the Cascade area. I really love that place. For years, my sister and I attended a church camp just outside of Cascade.

I was just out of the 8th grade, that first year that I attended. I had never been to a older youth camp before and it was a little unnerving at first. They sang songs at the oddest times and made people stand up and recite poetry.

Eating in the mess hall was hazardous too. You NEVER put your elbows on the table! If you were caught, it was one lap around the mess hall. Multiple violations meant that you never got to eat your meal at all.

I didn't know anyone that first year, but I had a great time. The girls had their own cabins and the boys were located a little further down the road. After lunch, it was a mandatory rest period. However, some of the guys decided that they would start a shaving cream expedition.

They marched boldly up to the girls cabins and pulled them out. Each victim was either sprayed with shaving cream or doused with water. Needless to say, the expedition was deemed a success from the boys standpoint until they were relegated to Kitchen Duty for the remainder of the week.

They had crafts too. That first year was supposed to be a macrame belt. Mine ended up looking like a book mark of some sort.

Campfires were also very fun. They did skits and sang silly songs. But as the fire died down, the campfire leaders would transition to a quieter more reflective music.

I loved church camp. It was not only fun, but so inspiring too. We would have our morning worship high on a mountain just as the sun was coming up.

One year, we had a Camp Olympics. The opening ceremony included the running of the torch with all of us singing our camp song. The torch was placed reverently on the pole for the volleyball net and then the games began!

We formed two lines facing each other for the first two events. The Egg Toss and the water balloon toss. The teams went on to other games and the finale was a volley ball tournament. The winners received some kind of homemade medals and the losers had kitchen duty for the day.

Audrey Neiwerth made sure that any child that wanted to go to camp could. Every year, her V W Van was packed to the gills with kids, sleeping bags and other stuff. There will always be a place in my heart for Audrey. She was a blessing to us all.

After a couple years, I got a little braver about challenging someone in the mess hall. They had a camp counselor named Sally Stetcher. She was very fun. But if you could make up a reasonably good rhyme, they had to do a lap around the mess hall. So, a friend and I stood up and said to Sallie, "Sallie Stetcher you forgot your stretcher. Round the Mess Hall you must go!"

Sallie was gone from the mess hall for quite a while and all of the sudden, we heard a loud bang! And there was Sallie carrying a stretcher!" We had to take our lap around the hall next.

Great times, lasting friendships and most importantly, some of the best spiritual experiences that I have ever had.

Thank you Jessie for bringing back those great memories!

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That's awesome Bonnie. I am so glad you enjoy my pictures. And so glad you had those times at Camp Cascade.

While reading your blog, I had several thoughts go thru my mind.

1st was that on the ranch where I was ..up in the timber is a Camp. I don't know what it's called, but I know that Phil Davis lets the boyscouts come and do a camp somewhat like "Camp Wilson" to a much smaller scale. It's just nice to know that folks give like that. All he asks is that the scouts leave it clean and nice, and they do.

2nd was...HOLY COW! Counselors would NEVER get away with some of what you describe in your blog of events and punishments. And I love it! But no one would be made to run around the mess hall just for putting elbows on the table. I mean, who needs manners.... you need to be able to express yourself ( ...B. er...ugh.... Baloney! Express yourself somewhere else I say) and then if you continue to violate, NO MEAL????? Poor little kid might be sad! (But I bet he'd remember next time)

3rd Shaving Cream fights. Oh the glory... I've been there.... wonderful....but it's not allowed any more. Some Mommy or Daddy thought it demeaned....

4th Olympics that losers had to do KP. Hmmmm... you mean everyone doesn't win in everything? Just like it real life? Awesome lesson, has been lost in many ways. I'm glad YOU remember it and I bet all those kids do too...and it was a valuable learning point in life that never damaged them.

5th. I went to Camp too. I actually don't know where it was, I'll have to ask my Mom. I remember all those things and more. It was a blast. I went the 1st time after (or maybe before) my 7th grade year. I remember packing and being so excited I could hardly stand it. And I remember being shy, though I went with a friend of mine from in town, Tempe. So thanks for reminding me of that. I will be checking with my Mom to see where it was I went. Maybe we were there together!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 9:01 AM

You are welcome. It was a church camp for the RLDS Church. Camp Cascade.

-- Posted by KH Gal on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 9:11 AM

Mine for for a Nazarenen Church. My friend Tempe was a member. I was going as her guest.

I remember the place in detail, and there was a river. Loved that!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 10:24 AM

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