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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Posted Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 6:49 PM

Living in the Midwest presents some challenges for a simple country hick like me. The traffic is busier, less patient and sometimes downright confusing even after being here since 1987.

When I remarried in 1990, my husband David learned some new words from this Idaho Girl. He immediately tagged them Idaho-isms.

The first word in question was "jockey box". Apparently, no one here has ever heard of one. David looked puzzled and then asked me to repeat it two more times. I finally told him that it was the name for the glove box of a car or truck.

The next word is the proper way to pronounce "chaps". Chaps are English Gentleman friends. "Shaps-Chaps is cowboy speak for an essential part of his riding gear. I blame the cologne commercial for this big misunderstanding.

Most people think of Missouri as part of the south. It is actually the heart of the Midwest. But you only have to drive about 30 miles south to hear a totally different accent than that of the Kansas City area. One of the phrases that is used around here is "thank you much" At first, I thought it was just one person, but really, it is a regional thing.

You will find that the natives of Missouri put an 'uh" on the end of their pronunciation of of the state's name. they have a town here called "Nevada" Nevada in Missouri is "Nervada" by Missourians.

No matter where you go or live, there are differences in the English language. I cherish my "Idaho-isms",as they are part of my heritage. And while I enjoy the green pastures and endless trees of Missouri, I miss the wide-open spaces of Idaho. It may rain here more often, but there isn't the great smell of wet sagebrush.

Navigating the hurried busy city life as I do now makes me appreciate the quiet calm of the country life that I once knew. Each of my visits to Idaho are cherished as I reconnect with old friends, family and familiar places.

With the advent of the internet, I can reach out to anyone in a matter of seconds. It has truly been a blessing to me to know that I can read a newspaper on-line and keep abreast of the news in Idaho.

In this "instant" gratification society, We can truly keep connected or establish new bonds with anyone world-wide. The downside of this, is that most people think that it is a opportunity to write things that would make their grandma blush. They would call a stranger many names without even knowing them personally.

I think that the word hate is being used too much. What we really need to use is a lack of respect. Hate implies a personal commitment to the person that you are writing about. Most of us have never met and are not likely to do so. It makes us bold and largely irresponsible in our messages.

I read a book years ago,where the author told about her mother's steadfast rule. Keep short accounts with God. Each day as we reflect on how we interact with each other, remember that kind words are just as easy to say as hurtful ones.

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thank you

-- Posted by KH Gal on Sun, Jan 30, 2011, at 10:51 PM

Another good blog, Thanks!

-- Posted by jessiemiller on Sun, Jan 30, 2011, at 10:06 PM

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