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Saturday, February 28, 2015

This is a call to both MHSD and the voters

Posted Friday, April 23, 2010, at 1:46 PM

Today as I sat on the floor of the foyer against the wall eating my lunch, I watched the roof leaking a few feet from me. When I walked to the stage this morning, I saw an entire section of the roof sitting precariously. This portion will probably fall off in the next year.

I had to tread carefully in the costume closet, because the floor is so weak it can only hold 75 pounds per square inch.

Our director gets hit with sports balls frequently during rehearsals, because we have to share our "auditorium" with the athletes.

The bathrooms are poorly ventilated, the carpet in the rooms that have it is tearing and tripping students daily.

Desks are falling apart.

My books are all worn out, except for history books.

My friend shares a locker with three others- not by choice. Last year, one of her books was removed from her locker. She had to pay for it. She still has no idea where it is.

I aide at East Elementary. The conditions there aren't much better.

But outside of the building, the grass is freshly cut, and I frequently saw it being watered, even after rain, in the fall.

To the MHSD I expect you to, if the levy is passed, to cut a little of the administrative pay, aesthetic expenses, and quit being fiscally irresponsible (like paying Mr. McCarrel during his suspension/investigation) In addition for the money, you need to be more transparent. Our schools NEED funding. They need support. But because of the irresponsibility of the district, the taxpayers are extremely wary of tossing anymore money our way. As a current student, I have seen several of my peers appalled (as well as myself) at the way the district has been handling most of their affairs.

To the taxpaers PLEASE pass the levy. Even if you don't have children in school, please. There is nothing more important than being well educated, and without this money, a LOT of programs are going to be cut. Not just extra curricular activities. In an interview I did to help my friend, superintendent James Gilbert told me, "There is nothing that's not on the chopping block."

Due to the financial emergency declaration, teachers' salaries are going to be cut. Their salaries are already dangerously low. I understand that administrators are the ones that should be seeing cuts, but we'll never get that far if the levy is shut down. Please, swallow any anger at the district for past "lies" and help save the education.

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Maybe we should get a new superintendent in the district. I swear he thinks no one will step over him. Just look at the money situation over the years since he has been the superintendant. It just seems to worsen with every year, for years and years. Just like last bond issue - it was his way or no way. Glad we were all smart enough not to pass it. How much more grave would the situation be if the bond had passed?--------------------Talk about taking a pay cut - he should be the FIRST to accept one. He runs the ship and expects everyone else to do what HE is NOT willing to do himself. Walks away every day knowing that his what? over 100,000 ? is going to still be there every month. (I believe that number is somewhat correct if I remember right. Anyone know the exact number?)

Also, get rid of a couple of board members. Shake it up, let the cream rise to the top.

As for schools needing more money. I agree. I have kids in the school system and it is antiquated. But, we are crazy to put more money into the hands of the same people that haven't seemed to be able to be financially responsible or sensible in the past. I agree, good example, we are in the rainy season and are still watering the lawns, in hard money times. Now how responsible is that? Got one word for it -- IDIOTS.

With good money management, there should have been some rainy day savings set aside that could be used in times like these. But, we know how that is, spend for today, we can always increase taxes, get new levies, or vote in a new bond.

-- Posted by midea on Fri, Apr 23, 2010, at 9:09 PM

WOW! A student posts something that is objective, free of negativity and pleads with the community to help. The response is judgmental and specifically directed at a person that is in charge of the district! The maturity rest in our students in this town. Perhaps this is why our students do not believe in us. We remain divided while they desperately attempt to bring peace in order to improve their chances of an education and we set a great example as adults and continue to point fingers. What great role-models we are as adults who converse with students about their school administration in a negative way. No wonder why kids do not like school anymore. Their parents do not support it. When parents bad-mouth schools in front of their kids, why should kids show up and try to better themselves when they can just complain about how bad they have it. After all, their parents do it.

My suggestion is this: MH students, you go and stand outside those doors and tell the voters what YOU want. It is up to the students to win the public and students like this one can make it happen. Pull them by the hand into your school and show them what you want to change. I too have a HS student who does not understand why the people of this town do not believe they are worth the extra money. Isn't it all of our responsibility to educate our kids? I mean have you checked out the price of a classroom textbook or the cost of education per hour? Yeah, I am not thrilled about higher property taxes; however, I see it as an investment in my future. As I get older, I would like to know that kids are prepared for the jobs they need so that I can depend on them to do them well. Additionally, crime will decrease as a result of having educated kids. Check out those statistics! Then go volunteer at a school near you!

-- Posted by love bug 678 on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 1:04 AM

Students whining or not, everybody has had to make cuts during this downturn. There is no way I will vote to give more money, especially with WECRD on my tax statement...Is the local population that braindead?? Wanna see a magic trick?? Look at your tax statement and see how much of your money is taken and what part of that funding is used for its intended purpose??? Shhhaaaazzzzaaaammm... Our community needs to be progressive, and it'll never happen with the powers that be entrenched where they are!

-- Posted by Idahogrinder on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 6:26 AM

My tax statement does show how much of my money is taken, but doesn't show "what part of that funding is used for its intended purpose..."

Does yours?


-- Posted by DaveThompson on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 6:47 AM

Melodie, you stated that the floor will only support 75 pounds per square inch.

Could you please clarify that?

Most floor design loads are specified in pounds per square foot. I understand that at 75 pounds per square inch, the floor could be rated 10,800 pounds per square foot, which is significant.

-- Posted by DaveThompson on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 7:17 AM

Well Dave, I do know the money that goes to the WECRD doesn't. Pretty safe bet to say those aren't the only funds!

-- Posted by Idahogrinder on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 8:19 AM

What's this got to do with the WECRD?

-- Posted by DaveThompson on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 9:08 AM


I thought you'd retired from this!


-- Posted by DaveThompson on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 9:21 AM

Sorry, Melodie, I have no excuse for taking your blog off topic.

-- Posted by DaveThompson on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 9:22 AM

Melodie, read the Minutes of the last MHSD meeting. Not EVERYTHING is on the block. The MHSD clearly states that they are not willing to sell the land they sit on which does the MHSD no good. It is things like this that make me less than willing to throw these dogs more bones. There is so much waste. This year it is 2.8 mill. What will they want next year? When they do the right thing, then MAYBE the voters will vote pro-MHSD. There are many bads with this group and 1 bad apple does indeed spoil the bunch regardless.

They should practice honesty and truth when taxing.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 9:44 AM

There was a time when the citizens of Elmore County and within the school district willingly gave their money to improve the schools. There was a time when we trusted that the money we gave was being used wisely and with the best interest of our children in mind. Unfortunately, those days are over. It's sad but true. For those in charge who have the money decisions in their hands, you may be as honest as humanly possible but once another misuses money the trust is gone. It doesn't mean that all school administrators are dishonest and I'm sure many are trustworthy but the people are wary and sick of the waste shown by all levels of government. Therefore, you will find that the majority can't bring themselves to hand over another part of their ever-dwindling income. So sorry but that is what happens in this age of government-waste. Will I vote for it? I still don't have the answer to that but if I do, it will be with the hope that those responsible will be transparent and trustworthy.

-- Posted by kimkovac on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 11:25 AM

Respectfully stated, Kim. Thank you.

-- Posted by love bug 678 on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 1:17 PM

Looks like the Moron-Squad have somehow tainted the true meaning of the proposed school levy...it was our awesome right-wing state legislature that cut funding for public education by over 7 percent. And left the entire system in turmoil, leaving countless communities throughtout the state to "fend" for themselves.

Ya know, it took the state over two decades to bring Idaho's public education up to snuff to national averages, then the brilliant people of this state elected one of the most conservative "Slash and burn governors of the land and then "poof" 20 years of hard work...gone in a flash!

The reason they put the Freshmen over at the high school is that this awesome community of Mtn Home once again couldn't pass a bond that would have greatly enhanced the infrastructure of the district. Of all the districts I have seen throughout the state, good old Mtn Home by far have the worst facilities. Besides the "fairly" new Junior High...build 12 years ago, the rest are well over 30 years old and aging.

Here is the bottom line, all arguments aside, our state elected officials have put this on our shoulders, so if you care about the future of your sons and daugthers, you will vote YES for the levy..if not, you will vote NO. But those of you who vote no, I hope you sleep soundly at night knowing that little Suzie and Johnny won't be involved in any extra activities.

All sport programs to include all teams be it freshman, junior varsity, varsity will be terminated. All extra programs to include drama, music, outreach programs, special education programs will be terminated. Teachers pay will be cut by 20 percent, and they already are the working poor. All maintenance work will be terminated.

Pain and suffering...sounds awesome, sounds like the far-right working it's magic. You know, we are in the 21st century, looks alot like the 19th century to me here in good old Idaho.

This blogger will be voting for the future of this great state and nation...knowledge is power, god knows if they cut education any further, our children would look and sound like the "Moron-Squad.

Note: For those of you who are less informed then the Moron-Squad...FYI the junior high principal was NOT dismissed, he RESIGNED. It's called "due right of process". He was NOT in violation of any crime, on the contrary, he was in violation of district conduct policy which is NOT a criminal violation.

Also, he was on "PAID" vacation, something that is aquired throughout the year...he earned that leave and had the district not given that to him, they would have been in violation of STATE LAW! He was NEVER suspended.....stop the rumors and lies!

-- Posted by DUMBFOUNDED IN IDAHO on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 12:19 AM

Dumb, if you don't like the 19th century why don't you move? As for voting no on this levy I'm not voting against our children, I'm voting NO on corruption, waste, and incompetence. You must be on welfare or unemployment to be able to afford more taxes. As for the programs being cut, here is a novel idea have the parents of the children involved in the activity finance them. I have no trouble as a parent spending money on my child's band activities. The problem is if the parents pay directly the administrators and board members can't waste it on other things. And yes I sleep well at night and your principle was not on paid vacation he was on paid administrative leave. There is a difference and resigning before his hearing kind of screams he was guilty. In resigning he can move to another community and get a job, if he was fired he might have found it harder to get employment.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 11:07 AM

Why dont we flip a coin. It's worked in the past. Never mind. Just kidding. I agree that the citizens are mad at how our hard earned money has been used. I hope the school district makes some good financial decisions. It is hard times for all.

-- Posted by R&M on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 4:18 PM

Sorry, I meant to put pounds per square FOOT. My bad. I typed that as someone was talking about bike tires. Haha.

I understand its a lotto basically to be voting for this. But I would like to point out something the district did do that was pretty fiscally respectful to the tax payers.

We qualified for financial emergency last year. The district tried to salvage what they could to avoid having to ask for this levy.

The quote about the chopping block was specifically out of superintendent Gilbert's mouth. I know that at the SB meeting, they discussed the reality that if the levy fails, they WILL be cutting all freshman sports programs and will be considering a lot of other programs.

As for what I know about at least our debate program:

Currently we have five thousand in our account for next year. We need six thousand to go to nats (which we'll probably have to raise fully- we're seriously going to need the five grand for next year)

We go to 10-12 tournaments a year. Two are overnights, one is out of state.

My freshman year, we payed $15 a student to go to every tournament.

The past two years, the only tournaments we've had to pay for were a tournament in Washington (out of state travel weren't free + hotel) and an overnighter in Idaho falls (hotel).

Next year, we will most likely be paying for tournaments again.

Why is this a reason to care? There are 60 kids on the team this year. We will probably begin the year with 100 students. I can guarantee half of them will not be able to afford the fees, and will drop out of the class at semester with an F on their report card. Kids that would have excelled. I saw a real life case of this my freshman year. That student rarely shows up to school and is a member of that "bad crowd".

Students need extra curricular activities. Without them, our already high drop out rate will continue to go up. Even at the freshman level.

Look. Get to school board meetings. Help demand terms that will be suitable. and __please__ pass the levy. This is now a game of give and take. Be the bigger person. The district is obviously not going to give until the voters show they're willing to give. It's a terrible standard, but we need to show that Mountain Home citizens are willing to stand up for their community's children.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 9:54 PM

lilmissmelmo, I respect your posts and can understand why your on the debate team. You sound years more mature than a lot of kids and adults for that matter. I'm involved with my kid's events at school and spent the last two years doing everything from washing cars, making subs, raffles, and passing out phone books. This is all so my kid and yes kids that could not afford it if they participated in the fund raising events; so they could do programs involving their activities. The kids that can't afford to pay might because their parents can't afford the $15.00 for the event so raising their taxes $20.00 per month won't help them. Figure they might not show up for school when they become homeless if this keeps up. With one or both of the parents loosing their jobs, getting hour cut is really hurting everyone, maybe not the school board (they make a lot). Teachers on the other hand don't make much. Catch 22 tax people into homelessness and hunger so we can pay for land taxes and administrative leave, loans, and other pet projects of the school board. Not good solutions but try a bake sale or car wash. I'm more worried about books, reading, writing, math, and science.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 10:34 PM

Oh believe me, this payment will be in addition to fund raising the heck outta people some more.

And that last list of yours- those are pretty much in jeopardy too.

Thank you very much for the compliments. They truly mean a lot. (I pretty much have dedicated my entire HS career to debate)

And I definitely agree that the ridiculous spending expenditures of the district have been terribly irresponsible, that's why along with this levy we need to DEMAND changes. Not just complain about them on the boards. Things need to change, but the attitude of EVERYONE needs to change, not just the district.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 10:55 PM


I just want to make sure I am reading your post correctly.

"With one or both of the parents loosing their jobs, getting hour cut is really hurting everyone, maybe not the school board (they make a lot). Teachers on the other hand don't make much"

How much of my school board pay do you want me to cut?

William Murray

-- Posted by WilliamMurray on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 7:34 AM

I realize that people are still very upset over the school bond that created the Junior High. I understand why they are upset. However, that was twelve years ago and the issue now isn't trying to build a new school. The issue is keeping our current schools afloat. The proposed levy has nothing to do with the fiscal responsibility of anyone on the school board. A large portion of the school district's budget comes from the state. The state government cut funding to schools, which is mostly responsible for putting our district in this current financial crisis. I understand that everybody, not just teachers are being hurt by this tough economy. What people need to understand is that if the levy is not passed, the children of our community suffer the consequence. Those who have kids going to school in the district, especially the younger ones, will have to shell out money for childcare because the district will move to a four day week. The district will also cut all athletic and academic programs after school. One way or another, whether its higher taxes, paying for childcare, or having to drive your student athlete to Boise everyday of the week to participate in sports, we will all have to pay. This levy is a last resort that nobody wanted, but it has to be done. Even if you don't have kids in school, if you care about the community of Mtn. Home, you will vote to pass this levy. Leave the past in the past, and support the future of our community, the children.

-- Posted by Pat Starkey on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 11:23 AM

William Murray,

How much of my school board pay do you want me to cut?

About 4-6 weeks of principle paid administrative leave should cover it.

Pat Starkey,

Your wrong it is about has everything to do with financial responsibility. Who do you think will be spending the money? Would you see an incompetent Doctor? Would you take your car to a mechanic that charges you for things that don't need to be done? It's about accountability and responsibility as well as the kids. The biggest problem with the younger generation is they have had everything handed to them and not all but most of the young adults have problems entering the work force. At my part time job 4 out of 5 of the last people fired where all between 20-25 because they didn't want to work, they would rather text. We need books, but if my child needs new sheet music or something for a band trip I have no problem paying for it as long as my child tries to earn some with fund raising. And don't say people who vote no don't care about the community, just maybe they care about the community and teaching responsibility and the value of hard work.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 11:38 AM

I just wanted to share some food for thought. With the Levy the "teachers" will not face a cut in their pay, and supposively the school district will use the money appropriately. This already is up in the air, because the SD is known to use ficticious information to get what they want.

This is the unknown part (by many), or so I have not heard mentioned, with or without the Levy, para-educators will have their pay cut; 5 to 20%. The para-educators do a lot of work in the schools, if not more than many of the teachers. I have worked in the schools before. These para-educators, which already get paid pretty close to minuimum wage, (I have seen) do most of the work in the classrooms. On top of the cut in their wages, many of these individuals are also homeowners. So they will get a decrease in pay, and (if the levy is approved) will also have additional taxes to pay. This does not seem remotely right.

-- Posted by Crazy _Betty on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 12:00 PM

Even with the levy, teachers will still face a 4-6.5% salary cut.

-- Posted by Pat Starkey on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 12:40 PM

Retirementcanbefun, you are missing the point. Any bureaucracy is going to be inefficient at handling the mass amounts of money they collect. You will find that on any level, national government or state and local government, there is always money spent on things that would be better spent elsewhere. And nobody ever agrees on what the money should be spent on. My point is that we should put aside our differences over what has happened in the past and look to the future. I pay taxes just like you and everyone else. I hate it just like everyone else. But in the end, it's the right thing to do for our schools and our children, end of story.

-- Posted by Pat Starkey on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 12:54 PM


I think you may have been misinformed on the pay scale of the elected school board members. The 5 elected members of the board are all volunteers. We receive no financial compensation for our time on the board.

I understand your frustration about the situation, but we had to follow the laws that were set.

If you would like to discuss it more in depth and not on the blogs, I will arrive early for tonight's meeting or I will stay late to discuss it with you. Just let me know what you would like to do

William Murray

-- Posted by WilliamMurray on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 1:14 PM

This levy has NOTHING to do with the Junior High or the High School and EVERYTHING to do with the students. If this levy doesn't pass there is going to be some HUGE changes in every school. Teachers & staff will not only be taking a cut in pay, but some will either lose their job or they will quit all together. When that begins to happen, it's the students who the ones affected. Perhaps the MHSD did mess up years ago, but this has nothing to do with that. This has the potential to cut many things besides teachers pay, like sports all together. Believe or not, there are students who go to school just to play sports. It's where they fit in and they can feel like they belong.

If you feel like the MHSD screwed up years ago, so be it. But don't vote no on the levy just because of that - the students of MHSD are counting on you.

-- Posted by highschoolmom on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 3:37 PM

I realize that many people are upset with the district but please stop to think about the kids and the other employees of the district that don't have a say in what happens to the money. Teachers are taking at least a 4% cut along with the non-certificated personel. The kids are going to be the ones to suffer in this. They are going to lose qualified teachers along with sports and other activities that help to create a more rounded citizen.Please put your feelings aside and vote yes on the levi.

-- Posted by concerned employee on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 4:56 PM

Wow, I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore and then BAMMM. This has nothing to do with the bond issue. This has to do with our childrens education. Take a stand some other way besides at their expense. They are forced to ask for an emergency levy because of the government cuts so Take it up with your congressman. Mr McCarrel's pay did not equal 2.8 million and there are laws and innocent until proven guilty so get over that argument. Wether he was or not at the time there were and are laws in affect and the SD hands were tied. Stop dwelling on the past and look at the future and were we are and get the FACTS. So, many of these comments are so far off that I am shocked that people think they are legit arguments. How many of you have actually talked to a School Board member?? Or do you get your info from others or by blogging or gossiping. If it has not come from an official School Board member or administrator then you really do not have the facts then that makes it strictly gossip. If we are going to make our childrens decissions from gossip alone then I am shocked more then ever. Get past your insults and ego's and think of the children. I support our SD and our youth.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 5:39 PM

I was at the school board meeting and I can almost guarantee that the majority of the bloggers were not there. I could count how many people were there on 2 hands. You can't solve the problem if you don't ask the questions and get the answers. That is like our freedom to vote. You can't complain about the elected officials if you haven't voted and I figure you can't complain if you haven't done everything you can to understand the cause.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 9:32 PM

Proud mom, can you please let me know what happened? I would have loved to be there, but I was at the arts awards ceremony.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 9:47 PM

Administration all signed a paper on their 6.5% pay cut. Teachers will take a 4.0 pay cut as well. Maintenance will be cut along with all supplies. Activities reduced (athletic and academic competition). West's safety bus route will be eliminated along with natural helpers and thats just the majority of it. That is if the levy passes but if it doesn't then it really gets scary. ALL athletics and academic comp will be eliminated, athletic director will no longer be needed, ALL receptionist, classified teacher, one admin. Vice Principle. 4 day weeks from T-F from 7:30 to possibily 4:30 or 5. Kindergarten full day alternative days. Skelton janitorial and maint. which will have to be handled by others and then on top of the pay cut for the administration and teachers there will be an ADDITIONAL 8.5 on top with a chance of more. Buildings won't be repaired and heaters won't get fixed. It will not be good. The teachers and administration are stepping up and sacrificing for our youth so we need to as well.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Tue, Apr 27, 2010, at 9:58 PM

It is a scary thought that the people of Mountain Home would let this happen to our schools. It is not the local administration that put us in this spot, it is the state administration. With the cuts that Govoner Otter made to education it was bound to be like this. You can't blame our local administraters for this. Take your blinders off and put the blame where it really belongs. On the backs of our state representatives.

-- Posted by concerned employee on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:32 AM


Crap rolls downhill from fed to state to local governments and they all blame each other. But in the end who is the one that gets the blame and the expense, the average citizen. I was at the meeting also and even the people that have been blogging against the levy have all agreed that the teachers should make more and that the kids will suffer. If you would quit insulting the taxpayers with your comments that if you don't vote for this you're an evil person that is against the kids and community. The way the SB and it supporters have been spinning this is why people are skeptical about the motives for the TAX. You can call it a levy or bond it is still a TAX. With the LOCAL history not the State or Federal people are going to be skeptical and suspicious of the motives especially with the misinformation going out on all sides (read the SB minutes from 13 Apr 2010) either the minutes were typed wrong or the board lied about what happened when it came to the land issue. What happened with the school principle, the past bond, and even the pay cuts are all a part of this. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE CHILDREN AS SOME HAVE SAID. It is the perception and history of shady practices that have the community at this situation just as much as the Federal and State cuts. A current example of this is my child came home and told us his math teacher had a discussion about this in class, which sounded like whining and telling his woes to my child hoping he came home to guilt me into voting yes on the TAX. These are the reasons people are upset and don't trust the motives. I actually witnessed an administrator cry last night and the superintendent gets chocked up when he read the pay cuts for the record. I like a lot of people understand the pay cuts 4% is nothing compared to the 8.5% pay cut I took 1 Oct 2010 (the only reason I have a part time job). Another lady in the legal field said she had to take a 23% pay cut just to stay employed, so complaining won't help you get sympathy from a lot of voter. Another Problem is people saying if they take a pay cut they will quit; good luck jobs are not easy to find they kind of have you over a barrel. We are cutting your pay if you don't like it leave....to where every community is in the same situation. Every career field is hurting. I'm in the medical field there are doctors, nurses, and support personnel that can't find jobs. We opened 6 nursing positions and got over 38 applications within 1 week. I myself was skeptical about the financial requirements and motives. I got answers and shared my concerns and except for one board member that dug her heals in most were willing to listen to suggestions. I recommended getting the facts out to the public and not the complaining, threats, and guilt trips some of this through our children from school. Try to mend the fences with the voters, publicly condemn the principle that took the 4 weeks administrative leave before quitting (pretty much proves guilt or he would have fought it). Sell the land after appraising it and yes you might take a loss anyone selling their house in this economy would take a loss. Give us an outlook for two years when the TAX expires if the economy doesn't get better. Will they be asking for more? If we don't get truthful, straight forward answers then people vote buy what you're selling. Don't threaten that the community will collapse, that the kids will be running amuck in the streets, and that the teachers will be in line at the soup kitchens...this is all bull. I myself will be voting YES for the TAX not because of the threats but because I went to the meeting and got some information and the budget plans. I actually respected the points of a couple SB members that didn't scream the sky is falling. Some people might remember the saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 9:18 AM

I am sure the board did not lie because we all no how things can be misinterpret because I hope I misinterpreted your point that you made about "IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE CHILDREN" that is what it does come down to. As adults we are educated and equiped to handle things in life but as CHILDREN they have to depend on the adults to make the decission about what is best for them. They expect us to take care of them and make sure they get every chance in life to grow. Yes, the adults will suffer but I am willing to sacrifice for the children as did the teachers and administration. The children have no control and if you feel guilty about that then I am sorry but guilt by definition is - The conditon of having committed a wrong doing;the feeling of responsibility for haveing done something wrong. I for one will feel guilty if I see more foreclosure signs in yards, more businesses closing, a higher drop out rate and less scholorships and the unemployment line get longer. I have to step up and support our SD and children. What kind of person would I be if I didn't??

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 9:45 AM

"It is the perception and history of shady practices that have the community at this situation just as much as the Federal and State cuts. A current example of this is my child came home and told us his math teacher had a discussion about this in class, which sounded like whining and telling his woes to my child hoping he came home to guilt me into voting yes on the TAX. "

The problem is how much harm do you think is morally okay to let this district suffer? Ok if you think the SB needs a lesson in shady practices and being honest, but at the point where this is threatening this town it shouldn't matter. As a student, I am apologizing for you being lied to 12 years ago. Please do not punish the students for the mistake of adults from 12 years ago.

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 11:28 AM

Being mislead or lied to 12 years ago plays its part but it is the recent problems from Federal, State and local governments that play into this situation along with the history of the SB. When I talk about history I talk not just about the school bond 12 years ago, I'm talking about the recent (typo or lie) in the 13 Apr 2010 SB minutes, see the quote I cut and pasted it from the schools web site.

"Chairman Alexander asked if it would be financially beneficial for the district to sell Atlanta and Pine properties. The Board discussed the pros and cons of selling property during this economy. They all concurred if the district could not sell the properties for what they are worth during a regular economy; it wasn't worth taking a loss on the properties."

They stated last night that they all agreed to sell the land after it was appraised. After reading the minutes the statements kind of conflict with each other. This is the deception and problems the voters are talking about. Before you lose your head, I already said I'm probably voting for it. The problem the SB has is their reputation. If they want this to pass they need to be OPEN, HONEST, and NOT BE CONDECENDING to the voters. Most people are in the same situation when it comes to taking pay cuts and even losing their jobs unless your active duty military. They cut my wife's part time job due to budget cuts and I took an 8.5% pay cut 7 months ago. It hurt but I was thankful to still have a job; especially one I enjoy. So coming at me with both barrels (DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN AND TEACHER WILL QUIT) made me not want to support it. They need to approach the situation by having a little empathy for the voters; they need to be seen as trying to meet the voters half way and by being honest. So far I have not seen or read a lot of honesty from the SD. At least they are getting the information out it's the approach and tone they are relaying that are turning people off. They need to talk to the girl from the debate club; she approached it in a better way with a better tone.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 12:41 PM

I don't think it is a conflict as much as it is laying out pros and cons and coming to an agreement. Just like we are doing now. Even the SB needs to "hash" out things and whether it is in the min. or misleading or worded they are only the min. on what was discussed. It is not written in stone as of yet. They are still citizens trying to save jobs for well deserving people and help the community and children.I really don't think they were lying or why were they going to get it appraised?? They were going with pro's and con's and then after thinking about and looking at the numbers and listening to the people they decided to sale the land. Isn't that the way things are supposed to be done? They were asking questions and trying to come up with solutions. I was there also listening and I know a majority of the SB members and the ones I don't know personally I know who they are and were they came from and what they stand for. I personally get on the defense when I hear comments like "corrupt" "lying" "cheating". The SB are volunteers and believe me I am glad they do because I don't think there is a very long line lining up to take such blows below the belt as they have. They have been in this community as long or longer then alot of people in this town and they love and support this community as much as we all do. There are business owners, city employees, parents, grandparents and military back ground. Our Superintendent is an Alumni and I really don't think they deserve to be called corrupt, liers and cheaters. I have gotten to know my SB and administrators and with knowing them comes understanding them and supporting them and trusting in them. Stop beating up the subject on the SB and focus on why we are here. The Government made the cuts to our funding not the SB. They are the ones fighting for our schools and trying to find a solution.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 1:47 PM


You are both a piece of work. Evidently you don't know how to read English. Read my last blog again, I don't say they lied I don't say they are corrupt. I said the SB has a bad reputation and a persona of lying and dishonesty. I also made recommendations to overcome these views that are held by a lot of people. To call people names like heartless and ignorant for bringing up valid points or disagreeing with you are the reason people don't take you seriously. You evidently didn't read were I said "Don't lose your head; I was probably going to vote for it". It's people like you that make turn people away. I have facts and as I stated above I cut and pasted straight from the School Boards web site. Their statements last night about the land and the meeting minutes don't match up. This just feeds the resentment and illusion of mistrust. I'm aware of the facts and if you quit attacking me you would realize we are on the same side of this argument. As for the education rant you went on. I don't disagree about the education level and training required to become a teacher. In my position I as well as my colleges need a B.S. degree (insert joke here) and additional education to include an internship residency, fellowships, and continuing education. We have to maintain a license and certifications in numerous other courses (depending on specialty). I in addition to working on the clinical side of patient care instruct many of these additional required courses. This is on top of the required Continuing Medical Education (CME's) that must be done every two years. Let's just say I feel their pain. Getting back to the point though; those that oppose this TAX (call it what you want) are suspicious of the SB motives and things like the land issue, the principle issue, and the way it is being pushed onto the tax payers "vote for it or you're a uncaring, heartless, ignorant, child hating, bad person". This is not the way to make friends and get votes. Being honest and asking nicely with the facts to answer people questions rationally is the way to get the votes, not telling people the world will end if they don't vote for it especially if you have a reputation of not being totally forthright about past events. I also said people will weigh their decision using other events like the federal, state, local governments, the WERCD debacle and more. Again we are on the same side I'M PROBABLY GOING TO VOTE FOR IT. I just want the SB to understand that a lot of people are taking pay cuts, a lot of people are cutting back, and that there is a lot of distrust and suspicions out in the community when it comes to more taxes. I'm trying to get more YES votes I'm just not telling people they are horrible pieces of humanity if they don't, education goes a long way especially if use respect.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 3:41 PM

Mr Murray, How much is your school board pay I thought you did it for free!!!

-- Posted by Stinger on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 4:01 PM

crazy Betty & Pat. with or without the levy teachers will take a larger cut in pay it will be much more that 6-8%.

-- Posted by Stinger on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 4:06 PM

It's not just about the teacher cuts. Almost all of the teachers I have talked to don't mind a salary cut, which they will be getting levy or not. The levy in terms of their salaries is a difference between 6% and 14%. And that's if they're not doing anything but teaching. A lot of the coaches, who supplement their meager paycheck by means of the small coaching stipend they receive, will see a quarter of their pay cut. And that's if the district can manage to do scenario B.

Last night at the SB meeting, they set out three scenarios. In scenario A, the levy passes. We keep our programs, but there will be pay cuts. Scenarios B and C are if the levy does not pass. B includes a scale down of all after school programs plus extra pay cuts. C, which is most likely if the levy fails, is a complete pull on ALL programs. (even if some programs are in the black currently, such as debate, newspaper, etc). All receptionists will be let go. We will lose one of our two gifted and talented teachers.

Scenario C affects EVERYONE.

Without sports and other extra curricular activities, we lose some of our town's economy. Military members that don't have children enjoy coming down to the football and basketball games. There will be know reason for them to come spend their money in town. The athletes and other participants who will stop by our local restaurants before/after/during events will be gone.

For example, during our home debate tournament, several teams stayed in our hotels. If they weren't in rounds, they walked around our town (and spent money). Their parents and other people who came to judge came down.

This will affect people outside the district. For example my boss Alvin. I can see this affect him because most of his work involves hs sports. This man loses work here.

Those who call the students who are upset at losing extra curricular activities whiners, listen up. The drop-out rate will sky rocket. There are a ton of students I see that wouldn't bother with an education if they didn't have sports. It's sad, yes, but it's true.

Students who don't drop out, but wish to play sports will most likely transfer to another city. Say good-bye to that business, prestige, etc.

To vote no on the levy also means a ton of scholarship opportunities will be wasted. Last night I attended the art awards ceremonies. Several scholarships were awarded. Talented athletes like Nickayla Skinner will never have the opportunities she did. Debaters like Miss Smith will not have the opportunity (like she did) to earn scholarships to debate at the college level.

If you are voting yes, please, spread around the actual info. There are a lot of people out there who are misinformed, and are spouting ignorant lies to scare others into saying no.

If you are voting no, keep a few things in mind:

1. Holding on to grudges will only hurt everyone.

2. There are ways to teach a lesson without hurting innocents.

3. Without education, we're going to have a lot more problems around here.

4. You only will pay the $20 a month if you are a property owner with a property value of $200,000 or more.

5. This levy is a one-time deal.

6. It is possible to show the district their actions are not currently tolerated by using the means to remove them and replace with (hopefully) better suited candidates, while not damaging the education.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 4:37 PM

Wow. Thank you retirementcanbefun I am a peice of work so thank you for noticing. I put a little peice of everything I can into my children, other children, schools, communitity and every where that may need a "Peice" of me or a "Peice" of my time. I take pride in that so Thank you and in giving "peice" you also noticed the "work" I do for my community and schools as well. So I am a "peice of work" and I graduated from MHHS so of course I can read. The difference between problem solvers and problem makers are you give me lemons and I can make one heck of glass of lemonade.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 5:29 PM

lilmissmelmo, as I said before I think you're a well spoken and level headed teen and can see you going far. I was at the meeting last night and agree holding grudges doesn't help. The problem is the SB and School Administration doesn't help the matter when they use double talk and misleading information. The land issue is one, read the 13 Apr 2010 SB minutes, they don't match with what the board said last night and I questions that, I was told it must be a typo that they all agreed to sell the land. The Principle incident didn't help mend wounds of the past either. With them economy and corruption on the federal and local level you can tell why people are skeptical (I'm referring to WECRD for the local). To make matters worse they still appear to be trying to slide one by why, why not just say a two year levy for 56 Million. Because it doesn't sound as good as 28 million that's why. They also have not future plans if they economy doesn't improve or gets worse. I asked with the reputation for deception and the condescending panic that is being spread by the teachers. My son's math teacher spoke about it in class and he came home upset and with one point of view, of course there is going to be bad information. I don't feel the teacher should be saying anything right now, they should be teaching. That being said I'm leaning toward voting yes but it depends a lot on what the board does and how they get the message out. Are they going to explain the budget and needs rationally while appearing to meet the voter half way (talking about the land sale, the pay cuts are happening to everyone not just teachers). Are with respect or are they going to continue to create fear by pushing the panic button stressing the kids to spread the fear. Blame who ever you want Feds, State, Local, SB. The fact remains if you have a bad reputation you have to go further out of your way to mend that. Teachers are getting a 4% cut and the Administrators get a 6.5% cut even if the new TAX passes. Not the 6% you alluded to which would increase a lot if the levy fails.

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 5:35 PM

"Piece" Adrenal rush my fingers were moving to fast.

-- Posted by proudmom3 on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:23 PM

Retirementcanbefun: If you're referring to the MHN article that states, "The Mountain Home School Board has set Thursday, May 27, as the date for voters to decide on a proposed $2.8 million supplemental levy the district says is critical to solving its financial crisis." That is the MHN saying it is a '2.8' million dollar levy. And who ever wrote the article that could be the one 'misleading.' Not the actual school board. Now I don't know what the school board is actually saying about the amount. But I doubt they're complaining about the way the MHN worded it.

" the condescending panic that is being spread by the teachers." The threat of your pay possibly being cut up to 18% isn't scary? I feel for the teachers. They too pay taxes and any increase will include them too.

One thing that I saw on the possible senerios was the money that will be saved from cutting the athletic director? It was something around $79,000! If that is his salary and this school bond passes, I believe it should be cut! There is no reason he should be making more than all the EDUCATORS!

Also, technically.... teachers aren't supposed to be influencing students on the issue. I agree, the classroom is for teaching... there is no reason that math teacher needed to talk about it.

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:24 PM

Does anyone know how the money will be used?

Also since the schools are in bad shape and need repairs, does anyone know when the last repairs were done and on what schools?

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:50 PM

MsMarylin: if the levy fails, the 2.8 million deficit will come from 1. atheletic and academic competitions being cut 2. the athletic director position being cut 3. 8 receptionist positions being cut throughout the district 4. teacher pay being cut in some cases as high as 18% 5. The school week will be shortened to 4 days with longer hours.

The last major repair at the HS that I am aware of (which happened last summer I believe)was the gym roof being replaced which had asbestos.

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:56 PM

athletic** and shortend**

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 6:57 PM

Thank you YoB do you know if some of the bus service has been cut yet? Where I live school buses always passed my house, now they don't and I see little children walking home and sometimes I see a couple Moms walking with their children.

-- Posted by MsMarylin on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 7:12 PM

yoB, lied to 12 years ago? We were lied to regarding the school bond. It is ALL smoke and mirrors. Nobody last night could/would say what the levy money would be used for dollar for dollar. Add to it the "incorrect" info on the MHSD web page (according to them anyway) and this is a MESS! This is why this will fail.

As far as those who are "against" this being anti-education, that is not true. I for one am tired of being lied to over and over again. The more they get, the more they spend. Basic economics.

Until you own a home and you pay the taxes that support all of these great things, you do not understand. Taxes going up like they are proposed will really hurt the local economy because it will not stop with just the proposed levy. Try to see the big picture and the fact that people need to pay MORE with LESS. That is the problem. Why pay Ada County taxes when you live in Elmore County? It is not rocket science...just more smoke and mirrors.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 9:00 PM

Ms. Lauric,

Stop trying to make it sound like the School Board wants more money for more things. The levy is to cover a DEFICIT because of state budget cuts! Not because they want more money then they have recieved in the past. I 100% believe welfare should have been cut more before education budgets were. Unfortunately, they weren't and education got cut. It is not fair to our local education system to suffer. Education is the best thing you could ever spend money on.

-- Posted by yoB on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 9:26 PM

yoB, is it really? Prove it.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 6:28 AM

Ms. Lauric, you're being completely unreasonable, really.

Go to a school board meeting, and grab on of the papers that outlined the proposals from scenarios of the levy.


The schools are falling apart, textbooks are outdated, without this levy we will lose great educators and will have to settle for substandard teaching. People will lose jobs.

Why can you not understand that this is actually an emergency?

Has anyone on this blog ever heard the word "Forgiveness"?

The MHSD has screwed up. We know that. But now is the time to exercise forgiveness and either get the failures out of power or help them be better. But before we focus on that, we need to focus on the financial crisis that has befallen the most important sector of our spending right now.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 6:57 AM

Here is a novel idea, let's cut off welfare and use the money for the schools. Wait the people getting a free ride won't be able to pay their escalade payment or buy junk food (unless they get a free food debit card) also. You can actually go the Albertsons, Wall-mart, or Paul's and observe what the people on welfare are buying and driving. It would shock you; I just happened to be in line behind someone that was on welfare and then when I went out to my car they were driving a new Cadillac. Got to love our government you can trade your freedom to get things free. In hard times it should be the freeloaders that get cut not the schools.

Free Healthcare

Free Food debit card

Free Welfare (or up to 2 years of unemployment, same thing)

Free phone

-- Posted by Retirmentcanbefun on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 8:21 AM


I think your heartburn with the school district has to do with past employment and not with what is really going on.

This so called "corruption" and mis-management of funds within administration must be an epidemic as every school district across the state is dealing with exactly the same budgetary shortfalls. It is obvious that this is as a direct result of declining student enrollment along with the slash, cut and elimation of school funding that was conducted by our legislature. I invite you to look at what is happening in other districts across the state and see for yourself.

Nampa School District


Blackfoot (Snake River School District)


Twin Falls (Magic Valley Schools)


Statewide Totals


As you can see the legislature laid this in the taxpayers laps so now we have to clean it up. It is up to each community to step up and take care of their own. Other communities are doing so - and I would hope that the citizens of Mountain Home will do it as well.

-- Posted by Mountain Home Native on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 9:02 AM

Thank you MH Native. Those are wonderful links, I appreciate them.

And retirement, I wholly agree with you. The other day at albertson's i watched a family buy probably 30 boxes of twinkies with a SNAP card.

And on the door at maverick they accept SNAP/TANF cards, and nothing in that store is healthy enough to warrant use there.

But alas, that is not the plan.

For those complaining about the tax that will be in place, its a small percentage of property value. If you have a house that is that much to where you will be so put off you can't afford a couple frivolous items in the name of education, you should probably sell your house.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 12:41 PM

If you would like to find out what the levy will cost you if you are a property owner go to the SDs website:


On the main page you will find the "Supplemental Levy Information". The last link is a levy calculator tool. Be sure to use the assessed value of your home from your property tax statement, not the APPRAISED value of your home from a home appraisal. It will calculate the approximate tax per month.

-- Posted by idahoalltheway on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 12:59 PM

Here's a thought, and please take this very seriously. There is an election coming up in November. I strongly recommend that ALL voters in Elmore county and across the state take a stand and vote Mr. Otter, Mr. Luna and all of their legislative cronnies out of office.

And then, vote in those indivduals be it Republican or Democrat, who have the moral conviction to do the right thing and become a friend to the children of this state.

We "taxpayers" flipped the bill on a newely renovated state house, the cost; $250 million. How about BSU's head football coach who just got a juicy new five year contract, the cost; $8 million dollars...do you see a pattern taking shape here.

Funding for state public school system; slashed by 8%, that's a decrease of almost $100 million, that's over $3000k taken out of the pockets of EVERY child throughout the state.

That's fiscal responsiblity???

NO, that's just plain CRIMINAL!!!

I for one support our SB and district administrators throughout the state, who are making "gut" renching decisions because of the decisions of our cowerdly elected state officials.

Take a stand Mountain Home...if you support education and the future of our children, go to www.rasieyourhandidaho.com . Let's take back our state, one legislature at a time.

-- Posted by DUMBFOUNDED IN IDAHO on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 3:04 PM

Oh dumbfounded, you just don't even understand how furious I became when the unveiled the capitol and then announced cut backs that would not have been needed had the building not been renovated. But that's another rant for another time. Thank you for the support of the levy, and encourage others to vote likewise.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 3:45 PM

A friend of mine mentioned this excellent point as well.

"even renters will be affected by this. The property owners will probably raise rent a bit to cover the extra expense"

So there, now we all can enjoy helping our students.

Think for just a moment how important education is to every sector of our lives.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 4:14 PM

It's high time we educated the rest of the students in our fine school, and let the adults know exactly what we're in for. Everyone seems to have a different story, but you and I know it. We saw the plan on paper.

-- Posted by SunshineChristy on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 5:36 PM

lilmiss, I was at the meeting. I do have that very nice sheet of paper that was printed in color. Thank you. I also have what some are paid who work for the schools. My attitude towards more taxes has nothing to do with my past employment with the MHSD. My attitude comes from all of the research on the school bond issue and looking at what the MHSD really spends money on. Do not "assume" that all of us are not up on the facts. A little bit of honesty on the part of the MHSD could have gone along way. Instead, we chug down the same old path. And they wonder why few things pass in this community. Track records of those involved speak VOLUMES. If you really want change, start with those in charge. The memory of some are long.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 6:30 PM

"If you really want change, start with those in charge. The memory of some are long."

Unfortunately OM, we don't have that luxury currently. We need to slap a bandaid on things so we can make it safely to the hospital to really take care of the problem. I agree with you, the SD did not make things easy on their group in the past. But the past is the past, and I understand why voters are treading carefully, I just would like them to hold off on the grudges and focus on what's at stake currently.

"Do not "assume" that all of us are not up on the facts"

I made no such assumption. I simply am aware that a lot of people are speaking from hearsay, instead of the facts. I have no doubt that you are informed- I'm saying that your feelings about the district's indescretions are clouding your judgement on the issue.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 6:38 PM


Listen here. If this doesn't pass, we lose ALL activities and sports. Yeah, we'll still have choir and some form of band and Encore ((the drama company)) but we won't be allowed to compete. Many kids' only incentive to go to school and do well and not have babies and stay off marajuana is their activity/club of choice. Are you telling me you would vote to lay off teachers and secretaries all over town? Are you for a reduction between 18 and 30 percent in pay for teachers and administration? That's very selfish.

I have done my research, and the tax will only be raised less than one percent. For examle, you will pay an extra $20 a month/$236 annually if your property value is $200,000. It's not the big deal everyone seems to think it is. And yeah, I know, you probably think I'm being ignorant, misinformed, etc, but that set of statistics was given by the district website, and honestly, my parents spend much more than that small amount on frivelous things every month.

-- Posted by SunshineChristy on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 7:31 PM

The paper kind of misinformed as well.

Debate/Choir/Drama, those things provide more money than sports do in scholarships.

The paper made it sound as if those will be attainable.

Although the classes will still be there, without competitions, we will not see the scholarship opportunities currently available.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 7:55 PM


My opinion on this levy is based on facts. The raw data from the MHSD and the state on how OUR money is spent. My history with the MHSD has nothing to do with the current issue. There was a lot of time spent on research. 2 + 2 with this group is never 4. Those are the facts. As far as the past being the past. That may be true if these same people were being honest. History repeats itself. This is no different than the bond. Many say it is only 1%. Well, it is all of the other things that will go up on top of this that will make people unable to be able to afford to live here. We will have around 800 people out of jobs due to the BRAC issue on base. Imagine the impact that will have on this community. More homes for sale/bank owned. Less people to support local business. And oh yeah---LESS kids in the local schools. It is what the MHSD does NOT tell you that will hurt this community.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 8:20 PM

There will not be 800 people out of work here because of BRAC. They will be pcs-ing. about 150 people, potentially.

I have firsthand knowledge of this issue. The BRAC impact is nowhere near the no-levy impact. The levy is a 1% increase is a 1% increase is a 1% increase.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Thu, Apr 29, 2010, at 9:04 PM

Ms. Lauric, "My attitude comes from all of the research on the school bond issue" --Why do you continue to bring this up? You may argue that the district's history and those involved being 'dramatic' when really, it's not. The state is allowing for all districts to declare financial emergency because of the state budget cuts. The levy will NOT allow for new spending. The district has already slashed their budget and made cuts. The levy will cover what's left of the deficit after those cuts.

-- Posted by yoB on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 12:46 AM

Pass the levy I say, the schools need this and as a former student of the MHSD, I completely support this.

Also, lilmissmelmo, I ask this of you, can you see if the mountain home high school or junior high school, whichever school you're in to

Lilmissmelmo, I ask this of you, can you see if the mountain home high school or junior high school has a teacher named Mr. Cook and if it does, can you please tell him that Charles Harris says "Hello"

If not and you're too busy, then that's okay. I'm a former student of his and would like to say hello.

Good luck with this.

-- Posted by CharlesHarris on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 6:51 PM

Haha hey Charles, funny story, Mr. Cook is my and lilmiss's algebra 2 teacher.

-- Posted by SunshineChristy on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 7:40 PM

I too have inside information on the BRAC issue since my spouse is active duty. It has been stated that 800 people could be displaced due to BRAC. With that said, it is more homes for sale and a good number of people who will leave. Many of us in this position will have to sell our homes. Try selling a house in this economy with the tax increases proposed and all of the houses already for sale and bank owned. If we wanted to pay Eagle or Ada County taxes---we probably would have purchased homes there as opposed to here.

Read the law on education and what is required. Then, get back to me on what YOU think I owe you as a taxpayer. What in the heck do they teach you kids in school these days? There sure is no emphasis on fiscal responsibility, accountabilty or budgets.

-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 8:28 PM

Actually, we have a rather nice personal finance class...

Which is likely to be cut without the levy.

-- Posted by SunshineChristy on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 8:32 PM

My inside information comes from people directly involved with the BRAC relocations. 800 may have been what your husband was told, but the reality is MAYBE 150.

I know what is lawfully required.

GET OVER THE ECA BUSINESS WE HAVE MOVED ON TO THE BIGGER IMPACTS. 250,000 out of the 2.8 million for this year. there are bigger fish to fry but all you can think about is how whiny and bratty we are.

-- Posted by lilmissmelmo on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 9:19 PM

As I have read this blog, a lot of what people are concerned about can be easily dispelled, except for the bond of 12 years ago. Is there somewhere people can go to see exactly and I mean in great detail what it costs to run the MHSD for one year? Meaning what monies are coming in and what are going out? Are the taxpayers currently paying taxes for education and if so where does that money go. All I have heard is the SD is lacking in honesty and lack of focus. I know I have seen a couple of them on here, my suggestion to them is to do what ever is humanly possible to appease (explain) to those that put you in office where the monies are going. I completely agree that the property should or should have been sold years ago even if you would lose money. That has cast a bad shadow over the SD. It is too little too late though as it will take years for anyone to even be interested in buying it unless you already have someone will to purchase it. You are in a life or death situation according to most on these blogs, but it is something that can be over come. All we as taxpayers are asking for is a detailed financial plan for the next year, five years and 10 - 15 years. This is only good business. I also have to agree with another posts that mention maybe the school is run more like a college financially. This may end up costing families of students more for the education and rightly fully so. If it cost 5K for my son to attend school, then I pay 5K for his education. Some may think that this is no longer a public school system then, I say it can be both.

One thing that has a me little upset about this whole thing and this is more pointed at the students. If you have students that go to school for nothing more than the sports or extra curricular activities....there priorities are warped. Sports and other activities are get to have when they can be afforded, but they are not required. I for one want to see them continue, but in tough times things may need to be cut and if it comes down to teachers pay or sports, sports will lose every time. Job loss is never good no matter who it affects. It is unfortunate that MH has to go through this, but so is the rest of the US.

It is refreshing to see the students/young adults voicing their concerns on this subject and I ask that others please stop bashing them for their view. These forums have become a battle ground for a couple adults and a few students. Neither side is doing themselves any good, in fact it hurts your side of the debate. Free speech is a great thing, but ratchet down what it is you say in an open forum.....it will come back to hurt you if you are trying to win support.

-- Posted by reallycurious on Sat, May 1, 2010, at 11:09 AM

"Sports and other activities are get to have when they can be afforded, but they are not required".

Should say "great to have"

I fat fingered that one.

-- Posted by reallycurious on Sat, May 1, 2010, at 11:11 AM

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