Attempted snatch and grab

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

On Monday, December 4th, two juveniles entered the Shell station on American Legion and attempted to purchase cigarettes. They were denied due to their age and left the store. A few minutes later the two of them returned, one was now wearing a hat or a ski mask over his face. The other was not covering his face and has been deemed an accomplice.

The accomplice attempted to purchase chips and a drink and while the cash drawer was open the suspect grabbed a handful of vapes. The clerk then tried to keep the kid there by grabbing him, but she was then struck, by the drawer or the suspect kicking her. She was not certain of which, but let the suspect go. The suspect ran. The accomplice remained on the scene until officers arrived, informing them of both his and the suspect’s identities while the authorities reached out to the juveniles’ guardians. Chief Thompson stated that “this was not a robbery, it was a commercial theft.”