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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

I went into the city police department to report the shooting of a canadian goose on Sawmill Rd. I spoke with a nice young officer who was very helpful, but he informed me that the city police were told not to patrol the road north of West 5th North because it was a gray area of county or city!!!??

With all the hoopla of having to annex the railroad tracks into the city??? If I had needed fire or an ambulance, would that have decided who to send while my house burned?

He did some checking and determined the farmland was city but the road was still in question!! I would like to know who was/is responsible for this stupidity - Mr. Mayor?

I also want the answer in writing in the Mountain Home News so everyone else will also know.

It took the killing of an innocent goose to bring this to light. How many other people are sitting in gray areas without police protection?

- June Zilisch

of Mountain Home