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Letter to the Editor - Matthew Bundy

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dear Constituents,

In response to an opinion piece that was written about me in last week’s newspaper, I have provided the Mountain Home News with the following response. Please know that I have spent my entire adult life protecting minors and all Americans. Your safety and freedoms are paramount in my decisions as a legislator. I spent 20 years as a combat aviator in the United States Air Force and the past 20 years as a high school teacher. I have dedicated my life to serving my nation and my community. I have lived in Idaho almost 25 years and it is my home. I have not betrayed anyone. I represent everyone, and I want to protect everyone.

I do not support gender change operations for minors, and I certainly do not want children to be taken advantage of by anybody. I will never use children as a political vehicle. Gender changing surgeries are not happening in the State of Idaho. Please contact any medical provider and they will verify the fact that those procedures are not happening in Idaho. My “No” vote on HB 71 dealt with additional provisions of the bill taking away parental rights in choosing appropriate non-invasive health care for their children. In the additional provisions of HB 71, parental rights in determining the medical choices for their children are stripped away from families. The bill bans medications, counseling services, and other non-invasive medical options to children who are experiencing physical and mental medical concerns. I believe parents, medical professionals, counselors, and religious leaders (if desired) should be allowed to determine the proper course of action in dealing with the physical and mental health of their children.

My job is to protect parents’ rights in determining medically competent medical care for their children. Thank you for the chance to let people know my true thoughts about this bill and issue.

Representative Matthew Bundy, District 8

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