County Commissioners 5.13.23

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

In a drawn out meeting, the County Commissioners met to discuss a range of topics and make procedural approvals. The Commissioners were informed that the Forest Service building was determined by FEMA to be 6-8 inches too low and was at risk for flooding if not built to specific design standards.

Next, the Commissioners voted unanimously to approve payroll, minutes for the May 5th meeting, 2024 indigent defense funds, and impact fee revisions. County Treasurer Amber Sloane, then approached the board, sharing that no property deeds would be taken this year. She attributed the positive outcome to the work of her office and their communication and community outreach.

Next, Josh Dison spoke to the Commissioners about a casualty loss tax exemption request for a structure that was donated to the King Hill Fire Department for training purposes, the requester sought to have taxes after the destruction of the fire waived. The Commissioners unanimously approved the request.

Next, project leads for Imagine Ventures approached the Commissioners seeking an exemption under 63-602NN. The proposed development is a multi-family housing unit. The Commissioners advised the representatives, who had previously approached the Mountain Home City Council, to return after their second presentation before the city’s council.

After this, employees from the offices of Mike Crapo and James Risch introduced themselves to the County Commissioners and provided a brief overview of the services they provide to Idaho residents.

Next, the Commissioners heard water project updates from Keri Hill and Dylan Lawrence. They spoke primarily about an opportunity to hire a PR group to objectively aid in providing residents of Elmore County with education on ongoing water projects as well as water needs in the county. The Commissioners expressed their desire to work towards acquiring the help of the PR group. The afternoon session saw continued discussions with IRWS regarding their CUP violation. Details surrounding the landfill can be found on page 6 under “Simco...”.

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