Rimrock Alumni Thanks Retiree

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Thursday night I attended the retirement party for Rimrock’s Ag. Teacher & FFA advisor, Mr. Alan Schoen. We celebrated his 34 years at Rimrock High School from 1989-2023. He came a “little while” after I graduated. I never had the honor of having him for a teacher, but it got me to thinking; about how we grew up, especially in Bruneau and Grand View and ESPECIALLY as a teenager in the 80’s.

I was the first Rimrock student to receive the American FFA degree (Shameless self plug--I KNOW), but we went through several Ag teachers in the 4 years of high school. I’m sure it was as a combination of our behavior and not wanting to stay in a small school (hopefully more of the latter). Because of this turn-over, I attributed my success, well, to my own self. It wasn’t until a few years after graduation that I realized no matter how frustrated I was with those teachers leaving, not committing or whatever else my immature and naïve mind concocted, they absolutely played a vital role in my success, not only in FFA, but in life. Coincidentally, this revelation happened around the same time that my parents started growing in knowledge! As I listened to kids get up and tell stories, it made me smile and appreciate even more those Ag teachers that DID come and DID stay, even for a short time. Due to the statute of limitations still in effect, I did not tell any stories, but I recalled many and it made me feel lucky. Lucky for that ‘ol high school I grew up in, lucky I was a teenager in the time that I was--If those Ag shop walls could spill the beans (or the wood shop walls for that matter)! As I left my Alma Mater, I pulled over by the football field-2 simple little bleachers and a tiny piece of sky over the scoreboard seemed small yet very comforting and familiar. I sent a picture to my brother. He grew up a lot on that field. My nostalgic rambling aside, Mr. Schoen, thank you for hanging in there at Rimrock! I saw another Rimrock Ag teacher who had started the year my brother graduated so to Joe Blackstock a double..THANK YOU for hanging in there! He is also still an Ag teacher and FFA advisor. To one of our own (although Schoen and Blackstock are ‘ours’ also), Jason Tindall; welcome to the privilege you have of teaching at your high school and thank you!

Congratulations to Mr. Schoen! ONCE A RAIDER--ALWAYS A RAIDER!

-Julie Perkins, Boise, ID

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