The Power of Being Neighborly

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Do we remember how to be neighborly? There was once a time when people would wave to strangers and smile. If someone were walking by, they would wave to the person they would see. People used to wave to each other while passing in their cars.

We have forgotten the power and importance of being kind and neighborly. Why must we know someone to wave or smile at them? Sometimes one of the most incredible acts of kindness we can do is smile at a stranger. There is a story about a man who jumped to death off the Golden Gate Bridge. When his family returned to his house after the incident, they found a note that he had left. It read,ďToday I will jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. If anyone smiles at me on my way there, I will turn around and come back home.Ē We donít know what people are going through in life. Sometimes all we need is a kind smile. Let us not get so overburdened with the stresses that we forget to be kind and neighborly to those around us. Mountain Home is a beautiful town. Letís be a community that teaches our children the importance of kindness. Letís learn to treat each other with respect and decency. Letís never neglect to be neighborly to each other and extend a helping hand where needed. Letís learn to smile and wave again to strangers and bring a glimmer of hope to those who might be struggling. Letís be a community we are proud to be in.

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