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Chairman Criticizes Rep. Bundy

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Republican Central Committees in Custer, Boise, Valley and Elmore counties have all unanimously condemned and censured Rep. Matt Bundy for his vote against H71.

H71 will protect children under 18 years old from groomers who are coercing them into permanent sex change surgeries and hormonal drugs.

“Mr. Bundy was the only Republican in the House to vote against H71, despite over 80% of Idahoans in favor and the Idaho GOP’s official stance in favor of banning sex change surgeries for children. It’s incredibly unfortunate Mr. Bundy has put hospital profits above protecting children,” said Rob Beiswenger, GOP Chairman of District 8. Despite widespread public approval for H71, Mr. Bundy has refused to apologize, so each of the 4 County GOP Central Committees held separate meetings in which each and every member voted to censure Bundy for his failure to protect Idaho children. All four votes were unanimous.

After the censure votes the Central Committees fired off letters putting Bundy on notice of their disapproval.

For example, the Custer County Central Committee wrote to Bundy directly, “We must protect our children. Prior to and through puberty, most children experience some confusion about their sexual identity. Until this normal growing process as well as brain maturity is complete, so called “Professionals” have no business messing with Mother Nature. Let our children become mature adults to make their own intelligent and completely informed decisions. House Bill 0071 allows this natural and normal process to take place. This is about the rights of unprotected children against chemical and surgical mutilation.” Fortunately, H71 passed the State House and Senate with minimal opposition and then there were thousands of calls and emails into the Governor’s office in support of H71 and eventually Gov. Little signed it into law. H71 goes into effect in 2024. -From Rob Beiswenger, Horseshoe Bend.

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