Editor's Corner #1

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Hello readers! My name is Sawyer Crenshaw and Iím proud to announce that Iíll be serving as the new editor of the Mountain Home News. Iíve previously been working for the paper, covering events, emergencies, ceremonies, and more as a part-time reporter.

Iím a proud, native Idahoan. I was born 19 years ago and raised in Idaho Falls for many years until my family made the move to Coeur dí Alene. A little over a year ago I moved to Mountain Home and I, though reluctantly at first, fell hard for the culture, people, and environment. I learned that thereís something special about Mountain Home, Pine, Featherville, Glenns Ferry, Hammet, and all of Elmore County. I found myself divided between local restaurants, stores, coffee shops and the hills, mountains, and rivers. These places are undoubtedly unique, and it will be my honor to provide our readers with stories and coverage that demonstrates such. My goal is to provide our readers with a paper each week that pertains to them, one which leaves them feeling invited and informed. I ask that you bear with me as we go through this process; you may see some small changes, perhaps some big. Above all else, I invite you all to be active participants in this process, to spread the word, to share your story. I invite you to make this paper yours. I encourage you to reach out to us with your words, because words are all we have. I also invite you all to make this a gathering place where our community can agree, disagree, and everything in between, together. I am a strong believer that a paper should serve its community, so help us help you and donít hesitate to reach out with letters to the editor, story pitches, your best photos, and more. Iím excited to work for each and every one of you, and to produce a paper that serves every person who picks up its pages. We are proud to be your local newspaper, and we are endlessly grateful for your continued support. I am inspired by the nature of Elmore County and its people, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to ďspeakĒ with you all, thank you.

You can reach me by email with story ideas, comments, questions, and more at editor@mountainhomenews.com.

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