Rep. Matthew Bundy's Legislative Recap

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

We have officially adjourned/sine die for the 2023 Legislative Session!

As an educator in my district, I am committed to continuously learning and developing to better understand our issues and our community. In this session, we made great progress in many critical areas such as transportation/infrastructure funding, education support, and school choice options, plus we have short-term and long-term solutions to tackle property tax, an issue on the front of every homeowner’s mind.

However, there are several issues that we’ll continue to discuss and find a better option.We had many successes this legislative session and with several new members, we’ve had a renewed conversation on more complex issues that we can continue to resolve in the future. I am optimistic about the work we can accomplish.

Editor’s Note: Below are some of the highlights from Rep. Bundy’s end-of-session report. More can be found within the full text of the report. The complete report can be found at legislature.idaho.gov.

Property Tax Bills Signed into Law:

- House Bill 258 Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding property tax reduction for certain permanently disabled veterans.

- Senate Bill 1031 Amends existing law to provide that certain water rights and property of irrigation and canal companies exempt from taxation do not require certain approval.

- House Bill 51 This legislation requires the Idaho State Tax Commission to generate a universal form to provide residential property owners with a clear description of what their assessed values are.

Education Bills Signed into Law:

- House Bill 92 This law requires all high schools in the state of Idaho to teach a class in financial literacy. The class should teach students the basics of real-world personal finance and how to make sound financial decisions in their everyday lives.

- House Bill 163 This law directs school districts and boards of directors of public charter schools, in consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, to develop and adopt a policy to promote the involvement of parents and guardians in their children’s education. It reinforces the fundamental rights and responsibilities of parents or legal guardians as primary stakeholders to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their child.

Go to https://transparent.idaho.gov/ for a comprehensive look at the state, local government, and education financial data – so you can stay informed about what’s happening in Idaho.

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