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Letter to the Editor - No turning back

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Economic Development; at what price? A lot of talk about Mountain Home getting a casino and debate if wanted. Everyone has a different prospective and reason for their prospective. I worked as a nurse in Las Vegas back in 1981-1983 and a good portion of that time was at the county hospital; drove a little ambulance as an EMT back then also so this is where my prospective comes from. Also, I have been back there and to Reno a few times since. You cannot compare a casino near or in a small community likes ours to Jackpot. I have been to Jackpot several times and its isolation makes it different.

I think a casino in our little hometown makes perfectly good sense if you want increased crime, drugs, poverty as well as prostitution. If we have a choice, choose carefully because if a casino comes, there will be no turning back.

Delmar Smith

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