County Commissioners Meeting - 11.18.22

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Elmore County Commissioners met on Friday morning in the basement of the courthouse in regular session. Each commissioner was present except for Commissioner Corbus. The meeting was started with discussion surrounding land use fee updates. Johnny Hernanded and Ozzie Gripentrog informed the commissioners of scenarios in which land use applicants may be abusing existing zoning code to dodge appropriate fees. They also spoke to the commissioners asserting that there is an existing need for the current land use fees to be updated. The current land use fees have been in place for over ten years and have not been adjusted since. Ultimately no actions were taken, though the commissioners agreed that a need is present.

Next the commissioners heard from various department heads. The Juvenile Probation Department head notably mentioned that the department had received a somewhat credible threat to one of its employees, and as a result have implemented stronger security measures and are working to install a number of surveillance cameras.

Alan Roberts of Elmore County EMS noted that as of November 17th, his department had received 254 calls, signaling the beginning of the busy season for first responders.

Steve VanNorman spoke to the commissioners about various projects he has been working to increase technological efficiency throughout the county. The commissioners also authorized him to purchase 35 new computers for the county.

Weed and Pest Abatement department heads spoke to the commissioners as well, giving statistics and information regarding the methods and materials being used throughout the county to combat invasive pests and plants.

Next the commissioners and Brent Copes from Central District Health held a discussion on the current conditions of the landfill. It was noted that a consent order was issued to the landfill owners. The general consensus of those present suggested that they believe the landfill owners view the consent order as unenforceable. Commissioner Hofer reluctantly said, “I just see this thing ending up in court”.

Following this discussion, the commissioners approved minutes, payroll, certificates of residency, expenses, and tax cancellations.

Lastly, the commissioners heard from Nadine Cook and Pat Momont who gave updates on the Elmore County University of Idaho Extension Office. Momont thanked the commissioners for signing the MOU and asked for their approval to continue the process of seeking out a new extension educator for the Elmore County office. The commissioners enthusiastically encouraged Mr. Momont to proceed.

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