Mountain Home Public Library Board Meeting - November 3

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On November 3rd, the Mountain Home Public Library held its monthly board meeting. The meeting was relatively short, though a number of important topics were touched on.

After approving the minutes and bills, the board moved on to old business.

First on the docket was brief discussion regarding the STEM Idaho Commission for Libraries which is piloting an equity project designed to aid libraries in cultivating awareness of their local communities, and to encourage equal treatment for library patrons regardless of ethnic background, economic upbringing, gender, etc.

Next, Director Hochstrasser updated the board on the approved grant for the library’s future Telehealth pod. She briefly discussed some of the logistics of using the pod—such as the ability to reserve it online—as well as discussing its potential future location within the library.

Following old business, the board began on new business with a somewhat lengthy discussion on capital improvements. Director Hochstrasser and the board members discussed the improvements they felt were most vital to the success of the library in the near future. Some improvements noted were HVAC system upgrades, electric hand dryers in the bathrooms to prevent continued plumbing issues, stucco repair on the library building’s exterior, and lastly, upgraded and new furniture to replace the furniture currently being utilized by library patrons.

Following this, a brief discussion was held regarding a contract for leased computers. The board was asked to decide whether they would prefer to purchase the computers they have been leasing, or extend the lease. After noting the nature of technology and its common habit of outdating itself, the board members elected to extend the lease.

Director Hochstrasser followed new business by giving the director’s report. She noted that 759 books were given out at the Spooktacular Downtown event. She was also proud to announce that the library won the scarecrow stroll event.

After a brief update on the library book drop—which is facing slight delays—Hochstrasser noted a handful of upcoming activities, and the meeting was then adjourned.

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