County Commissioners 9.23.22

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

In their final September meeting, the County Commissioners (with the exception of Commissioner Corbus who was absent due to illness) met in a relatively brief meeting to run through a concise list of action items.

They began the meeting by designating Shelley Essl, Elmore County Clerk, to sign grant documents for the county’s water projects. Equally notable, in a follow up from the meeting held on September 9th, the Commissioners heard from Edward Wilson who sought to have his late fees and interest waived after he did not pay his taxes on time. Though quite sympathetic, the Commissioners ultimately denied Mr. Wilson’s request at the recommendation of the county’s legal counsel.

The Commissioners also met with Dustin Fink to conduct their annual, at-length review of ICRMP insurance policy for the county and its employees.

Following this, they met with architect Teran Mitchell, who had previously been assigned to the remodel of the Forest Service building. Sadly, Mr. Mitchell was released from the project after he discovered he was not licensed in Idaho as he had previously believed. The Commissioners present expressed their gratitude and appreciation for his work, and Commissioner Hofer reassured Mr. Mitchell that they would work again with him some day.

The Commissioners worked towards finally concluding budget work by approving organizational chart restructuring for the Sheriff’s department.

Lastly, the Commissioners approved Nadine Cook to take on a full-time, 30 hr/week maximum supervisory position in the University of Idaho Elmore County Extension Office so that the office could continue to function after October 1st, when the current extension educator was slated to be released. A motion was made to approve this appointment and alter the responsibilities listed under Cook’s current responsibilities in the extension office.

More on the discussions between Elmore County and the University of Idaho can be found in an article in this paper titled, “Elmore County Commissioners name Stipulation for MOU with U of I”.

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