City P & Z Meeting - 4.4.22

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Kristopher Wallaeart, Commission Chairman, established the quorum at 6:00 PM. Mark Sauerwald, Nancy Brietic, William Roeder were in attendance. Brock Cherry; Community Development Director was also in attendance and was the main coordinator of the presentations.

The commission removed “Recognizing persons not on the agenda” due to the public hearing on impact fees. This is a controversial subject mainly because of the range of costs between $5000 and $10,000.00 per development. There are several reasons for it, heavy traffic, building near schools, or in general demands on public facilities. Mr. Cherry coordinated an update presentation with Anne Wescott to explain impact fees and there was close to standing room only in the City Chambers.

The first action items, Kasey of Thomason/Krall was annexation of a new coffee shop. Application PZ-22-30 Annex & Zone to R4. (4 dwelling units per acre) and Application PZ-22-29 annex and zone to C4 (heavy commercial) Approved Unanimous. This is a single property with different lots per the applicant. Application PZ-22-34, this is a rezone from C4 to R4, there will be a public hearing to be determined. The public hearing of the addition to of the City ‘s Police, Fire, Parks and Street’s Departments impact fee studies and capital improvement plans. This would have been added as Subsection “N” but the motion was denied after multiple conditions. This still needed , as a next step to pass approval to City Council. The final presentation of the night was “The Village” applicant Robert Nash Requesting a rezone, Steve Nash’s company wanted to get approval on a PUD for a 192 unit apartment complex. Steve Nash runs his development company with his daughter. The amenities on this apartment development (Over by Marathon) Motion passes and approved. There are several amenities in this apartment complex. Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, kids play area and Electric charging stations.

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