Legislative Update

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The past two weeks in the Legislature have been eventful, and we are moving forward with many policies and ideas. We are addressing property tax relief and we also working through budget issues. As always, water policies and projects are at the forefront of our policy process. While these important issues are being addressed, we also have a chance to reflect on the strength of Idaho’s values.

It was a great honor to serve as the House Chaplain during a floor session in the House of Representatives this past week. Every day our chamber of government stands for a thought, followed by a prayer and then the Pledge of Allegiance. I had the opportunity to share a thought on unity and then lead the group in prayer. It was a humbling experience, but also a great reflection of Idaho’s understanding of religious freedom of expression. On the House floor, we also had the chance to view the original document admitting Idaho as State on July 3, 1890. I had the opportunity to view the document signed by President Benjamin Harrison granting statehood to Idaho.

These are great opportunities that I love to share with everyone. Idaho was the 43rd state and we have a great history and a great future ahead of us. I would like to thank the residents of this great community for all they do in making Idaho a great place to live and work.