Elmore County Water Advisory Group Meeting 12/7/2021 Update

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Water is gold for Mountain Home it once was said. Water infrastructure is a high priority for both Mountain Home and Elmore County.

The Elmore County Water Advisory Groupís meeting that was held on December 7th, was to update everyone on the behind the scenes efforts that have taken place, as well as to prioritize the options for Elmore County. In attendance were representatives from Mountain Home Irrigation District, Elmore County Commissioners, Farm Bureau, Mountain Home Air Force Base, City of Mountain Home, the University of Idaho Extension Office and Water Districts 161 & 162, along with a few private citizens.

Currently Mountain Home receives the majority of itís water from the Little Camas Reservoir which has been declining at a rate of 1-3 feet per year, which means that to maintain the same amount of water it will be necessary to go dig deeper to attain it and the deeper you dig the less water it produces due to rock, sand & clay. A 100 ft water table drop could result in the deepening of wells another 300 ft to attain the same amount of water.

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