Letter To The Editor

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I’ve often heard/read the phrase ‘Wake Up, America.’ If you’re interested in the origin of this phrase, Google for a precise description based on facts.

‘Wake Up, America’ is commonly associated with one’s political context to persuade others to take action. I do agree advocating for improvements can be advantageous.

From my standpoint, America is awake; she’s wide awake! I’m reminded that our military service members, First Responders, HCP (etc) are standing by 24/7. As Americans, we protect our animals, businesses, family and property. Millions of Americans show up for work, pay their taxes, patiently wait in line to cast their vote during an election, and provide encouragement and support to those in need. We congregate to worship, honor the Ten Commandments, and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Americans remove their hats and place ‘hand over heart’ as Old Glory passes by. We volunteer our time working towards civic pride in our communities, contribute to non-profit organizations, obey the law, and seek justice when necessary.

‘Wake Up, America’ can be a catchy phrase used as a general commentary, as well as an overused cliche lacking originality. Nevertheless, I don’t buy into the current message to ‘wake up.’ Nor do I discourage free speech. Millions of American citizens are awake; we’re listening, observing, reading and writing! God Bless America

Rhonda O’Hanley

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