Letter to the Editor

City Council urged to develop town responsibly

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Its a day of reckoning for Thunderbolt Landing. The City Council has set Monday, June 14 at 6 pm for public comment on the proposed zone change and development plans for the 48 acres located at the end of 10th East. Cory Barton wants to place 238 homes in that area, 200 of them on VERY SMALL lots, only 36 feet wide. Can you imagine what this will look like in 3 years? If you care about traffic, safety, water, schools, neighborhood values; if you care about YOUR city . . . I would urge everyone to come to council meeting and voice your opinion.

Mountain Home is not the answer to Boise housing problem, we need to develop our town responsibly, with determination as a stewardship for the future.

Linda Bennett

Mountain Home